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Why I feel grateful more than ever

April 20, 2020 in The Lockdown series, Think Pieces - No Comments - 2 min read

There is nothing like a pandemic to shift your life outlook and put it all into perspective right?

Over this murky period, I have had a lot of time to rethink my perspective and really appreciate what I have. I of course feel incredibly grateful knowing that I am very fortunate to be in the position that I’m in. In this ever increasing ‘busy’ world its so easy to get caught up with the flow and almost put yourself on auto pilot.

However, this global pandemic has stopped that. I’ve almost been woken up out of this auto pilot phase and been forced to just appreciate every moment, instead of thinking of what I need to do next, where I need to be next & what will optimize my time most efficiently.

As some of you know, we moved into our first house at the end of last summer. It was an incredible experience and we feel grateful everyday to have our own little patch on the world. But, to be completely honest, we;ve haven’t had that much time to just ‘be’ at home and really nurture our little safe space.

Spending my time 100% at home, has made me feel inspired to add little comforts to my home to keep making it that cosy space. I’ve also just been enjoying that I am able to go and sit in my garden, doing absolutely nothing but loving it nevertheless.

I’m also super grateful that I’m not rushing to go anywhere. Before work I now spend my time having an early breakfast (outside if the weather is nice) doing yoga & watching breakfast TV. While I love working in the office, its feels empowering to not have to be on such a tight schedule and to not have to be in the car by a certain time to beat the traffic or it all goes horribly wrong.

More importantly I feel grateful that I get to stay safe at home. That is a privilege that many of us have right now and one that should never be taken for granted. One thing to tell yourself over and over, is that its not ”I have to stay at home” its “I get to stay safe at home”.

Our lives maybe different for a while, but its time to find the joy in the little things and embrace everyday. At home.

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