Three marketing Podcasts you NEED to hear

August 1, 2017 in Blog - No Comments - 3 min read

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Now, I seriously think podcasts are underrated. For me, I love podcasts I have a subscription for almost everything I’m interested in,  tv shows, political shows and of course marketing shows.

I think what I enjoy most about Podcasts, that I can listen to them pretty much anywhere while doing something else. Also my three top picks are free – So you have no excuse.

So I’m happy to share my three favourite podcasts channels with you all and if you’re not listening to podcasts already, I really recommend you check one out.

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Janet Murray – Soulful PR Podcast













Now, Janet has a whole lot going on and has the perfect podcast for business owners and aspiring entrepeneurs. Now I don’t  own my business but it’s definitely something I would love to consider for the future. So I make sure to listen to Janets podcast regularly. The woman has had a lot of experiences, both good and bad plus she’s really candid about sharing that with her audience.

Also due to the fact that Janet is incredible at networking, you get some really great guests on the show talking about business and marketing, From Melyssa Griffin who is a pinterest marketing queen (episode 129) to Amanda Cook who talks about writing and publishing your own book, (episode 141).

Janet posts, two episodes weekly and she has a really great radio voice and really makes sure to make her topics easy for everyone to understand, so I really recommend you follow along.

Listen Here

The science of social media a podcast by buffer 

Now I’m sure you guys have heard of buffer right? The science of social media hosted by Hailley Griffis and Brian Peters, is most definitely one to tune into, all focused on social media marketing, tips and strategies.

Now as far as I can tell, these guys don’t have a specific schedule on their episodes but every episode they post is really worth it for picking up new ideas and tips. I’m a big fan of the ‘minisodes’ they have started which usually last no longer then 15 minutes but are full of quick tips. My commute to work is about that long so, these are perfect for that.  I think what I really like about this podcast is that is coming from people who work at Buffer, so its their job to live work and breathe social media. For me its get to hear passion and interesting tips through the show.

If you’re an instagram fan, I recommend you listen to 15 hidden Instagram marketing hacks that you can try today – Minisode (SSM033) 

listen Here


Hashtag Authentic – For Instagram, blogging and beyond 

Now this podcast, is currently 13 episodes in, so you can easily catch up on this one if you really love Instagram and want to focus on making that an area where you perform better. Sara Tasker who runs the podcast, is an instagram influencer, writer and photographer and she’s just so knowledgeable and really happy to talk about strategies and share her experiences.

The first episode,  Episode 1: Why people follow and unfollow on Instagram, had me hooked and since that I’ve signed up to here free seven-day instaretreat, which I’m super happy about.  I enjoy this podcast so much, because Sara also take into account hoe people feel running these online business through social media marketing, so there’s a great personal element.

Check out her website here 

Listen Here And recommend you grab a cup of tea with this one!







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