The Reading list: What I read in January 2020

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“There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island.” – Walt Disney

So, as I’ve shared across my blog and social, I have big plans to read more this year. Reading is good food for the soul and I intend to feed myself. I hardly read last year and I find that to be massive problem, so 2020 is my year to fix it.

What I’ve discovered this January, is that I’m really open to a whole heap of genres and I like that, It’s good to discover different worlds and explore different themes of books. For example, I never really felt that strongly into romantic comedy novels but I’ve read two and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Regretting you by Colleen hoover

My first read of 2020. I started and finished this on January 1st. It’s easy to get through a book when your ill and have nothing to do! However, I was swept away by this beautiful story. I love stories that evolve from two different perspectives and with this story we have the perspectives of grieving mother and daughter trying to navigate their truth after being left in heap of lies and deceit. If you love a little bit of romance, then I really recommend this. I fell so in love with Colleen Hoovers writing that I’ve already got a couple more of her books lined up on my kindle.

What you did by Claire Mcgowan

So on the kindle you can sometimes ‘borrow’ a book of the month. I’m so glad I borrowed this book and did not pay for it. Is that too harsh? Maybe, but I do I have standards. At some point in this story, someone tells the main character that shes an idiot and they’re VERY right. I’m really disappointed by book. What could have been a powerful story about a horrible sexual assault case failed. I really feel that the author failed to tell an empowering story of survival about woman.

A man called Ove by Fredrik Backman

This book was part of my Beths book club group. It’s a online book club, which fits in perfectly for me. I actually love being a part of it because I can share my thoughts about each monthly book with different people across the world.

The story, was not my favourite. However, I found the main character Ove, incredibly charming in his grumpy old way. You couldn’t help but slowly fall in love with Ove and everyone around him. This book reminded me that everyone has a story to tell and more importantly, everyone has a heart od love to give. The most charming thing I found about this book is that Ove accidently builds a community of people who care so deeply around him, all while he’s actually trying to isolate himself. Well worth a read, make sure you have tissues as you WILL cry.

The man who didn’t call by Rosie Walsh

Another romance novel that I dived into this January. I’ll be honest, I only selected this one as it was in my amazon top 10 and I’m definitely still exploring what style of romance novel I like. This book really didn’t do it for me. The only slight thing that kept me going was this air of mystery about the main character but it took until part 3 for it to actually get interesting.

The flatshare by Beth O’Leary

A romantic comedy that you just HAVE to read. I really couldn’t put this down and this is my favourite book of the month by far. When a bright young woman finds herself in an unfortunate living situation, she does her best to make the best of it and make it work. She also go on a massive self discovery journey as she explores her true feelings from a deeply toxic past relationship. I’m really here for this book, I love her growth and I love the romance that comes with it.

And thats my January read! I’m not expecting to read as much each month but I’m excited to read more throughout the year!

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