The Happiness Planner: A Year of Happy

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I have to start by saying that the happiness planner is no ordinary planner. Its a planner thats based around working on yourself for a whole year. It focuses on giving you a year of happiness, positivity, mindfulness, gratitude and self-development. All keywords I want to focus on during 2018.

I had heard of the happiness planner, at least two years ago. However was hesitant to invest in such a planner, as it is a year long commitment. A planner like this has to become a habit and even waste a day, is to waste the planner. You cannot fall out of the habit with this planner.

However, after really thinking about it around Christmas time, I decided this would be a worthy project for 2018. I thought, lets see what this planner can do, as everyone has been singing its praises. I decided to go for the Navy Blue & Rose Gold luxe planner, (ROSE GOLD?! Oh my goodness she’s that typical blogger!) Calm down, anyone can like rose gold. Also, its gorgeous.

My beautiful planner arrived, in the most beautiful box and I was surprised, that it was not alone. Along with my planner, I received:

  • A beautiful, rose gold pen, with the words “focus on the positive,” engraved in to it.
  • A gorgeous note, from the founder of company.
  • Two rose gold, paper clips.
  • “Change the habit in 30 days,” worksheet (a task for February)
  • “2018 Vision board,” worksheet
  • “My New Years Resolutions,” worksheet
  • An “In 2018 I will,” worksheet
  • A 2017 reflection – lights worksheet
  • A 2017 reflections – lows worksheet
  • My goals, worksheet


The Worksheets

So theres, actually a lot to unpack and start working on straight away. I started actually working on my Happiness Planner, a few days before 2018. I was in the mindset to create a great working space &  great space to do makeup & skincare. Space is limited in my home and my desk area definitely felt a little clogged and overwhelming.

So I decided to write and pin these worksheets on my desk, instantly making everything look a little more together. I made the decision to pin, “My New Years Resolutions, In 2018 I will & 2018 Vision Board.” For me, these three seemed the most important, I wanted to be constantly reminded of them in an effort to keep all my goals on track. After completing them, they made me feel as thought I have a plan and I’m keeping that plan close in an effort to help myself achieve.

For now, I’ve kept the other worksheets blank. I really feel that the others, can be done later in the year. For example, the “Change a habit in 30 days,” worksheet is going to be a project for myself in February. This will be to get into the habit of waking up early, (around 5:30am) and kicking the bad habit of going to bed toooo late and therefore ruining the next day as I didn’t get enough sleep and therefore cannot focus, concentrate or even really care about what I need to be doing, whether its work or the weekend.

The 2017 reflection worksheets, high and low, are something Im not fully sure if I can fill out yet. I think during this time of year, people go through a joint stage a reflection and ambition to be a little better. For sure, theres things I could write down on both sheets. However I don’t feel ready to sit down a fully reflect and gather all my thoughts. I of course, sent think this is a bad thing. This is just a task that needs the right headspace.

My goodness! We haven’t even got to the planner but theres already been so much to work on, I really hope that those worksheets alone help convey that you get a lot for your money and that this planners is really a lifestyle choice.


The Planner

Happiness Roadmap



So, the planner starts off with a “Create your own Happiness”, roadmap. An exercise with  17 questions. These exercises are to get you in the right mindset for the daily planner. These questions allow you to think about yourself and your life, currently and where you want your life to go. You are asked questions like:

  • What is your definition of happiness?
  • What makes you unhappy?
  • What qualities or habit would you like to improve?
  • What lessons have you learned?
  • What have you overcome?
  • Sum up what you will do in 2018.

Its such an important section as this has allowed me to increase my self awareness and acknowledge what my current state is and what I am aspiring to be. Unlike the name, this section probably isn’t always happy but it is incredibly cathartic.



Monthly Plan

Each month, you are first presented with a plan, in order to note down what your intentions for the month are. It’s a chance to think about what the focus will be. For example I decided January should be all about self love. You are also given the opportunity to note down, your professional & personal goals, what your excited about and what will do this month that is happy and will make you feel good.

I love this section as its an opportunity each month, to look forward and process what you want to make the month. All about that progression!


Daily Plan

Each day has its own page, and at the start of every page you are greeted with a positive, uplifting quote. The perfect thing to start the day with. You all know I’m a sucker for a good quote, I believe an uplifting quote can change your whole perspective on the day.

The happiness planner, then asks you to think about what you excited for that day, what your main focus, what exercise you do & what you eat. These are four great topics to focus on, cause when I look back I can evaluate why I felt better on one day or not as good on the other. It also require to write down any to do’s & what was good about the day. So you can make small memories and remind yourself too.



I love the reflection part of the planner and am so please its at the end of every month. With this New Year, I’m all about reflection and learning what you can do to move on and up from before. I like that the Happiness planner is always thinking about a way for you to grow each month. I hope when I look back on this at the end of the year, I see growth between each monthly reflection.




I’ve been using this planner for about a week and I honestly feel optimistic and positive about using it throughout the coming year. It is beautifully present and its so clear the structure is hands down, as perfect as it should be. I’ll be reporting to you about my progress with the planner in march, to see if my mindset and productivity has changed.

Have you got a Happiness planner or some structure for helping yourself progress? Let me know!



  • Erin January 5, 2018 at 7:12 pm

    This is such a good idea! I love the concept, so so clever! I need to try out something like this soon 🙂

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  • Ashton _P January 6, 2018 at 7:06 pm

    I love the look of this planner. Lovely post too

  • chloeluye January 8, 2018 at 10:09 pm

    I’ve heard about this, but never really found out what it actually involves. Your post is so helpful and informative and I think this is definitely something I’d like to try, maybe next year when I will have more time to dedicate to it and really work at improving some of my habits. Absolute loved reading this!
    Chloe x

  • Fmm20 January 13, 2018 at 7:29 pm

    I just received mine!! Was so excited…but then I noted that the monthly tabs do not match the planner – mint/white instead of pink/navy as the planner!! Was so looking forward but now so disappointed!! 😥

  • nwannaendaline January 18, 2018 at 10:28 am

    Nice planner. Haven’t seen any around my region yet.

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