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The chitchat edit: Coffee and a catch up

May 26, 2019 in Lifestyle - No Comments - 4 min read

Warning: I’m at rookie a the catch up posts.

Lets dive in, shall we? I have been wanting to write little updates on the blog for a while but I’ve never been quite sure on how to structure it or how relevant all the little corners of my life are to you lovely lot! Nevertheless here we are.

Grab your drink of choice and lets chat

The first few months of 2019 have brought a lot of exciting things and some changes, good and bad but on the whole, I’m really excited and grateful for what life is throwing my way. Now I’m in my mid twenties I’m all about just going and growing with the flow.

cup and roses

Work life

I have been in my marketing job where I’m a social media executive for just over two years now. Which is beyond crazy to me! I’ve ALWAYS felt like I would get itchy feet and want to up and leave my job or maybe leave marketing all together after a few months, I could not have been MORE wrong. I’ve continue to grow and learn more about the marketing world and may even possibly be doing a marketing degree through work. It’s all very much go!

I think becoming really fulfilled within my work life has enabled me to really get into the nitty gritty in my side hustle, my happy lil blog. I also feel really stable in a job for the first time in like forever, I really do feel so lucky to be able to work in a marketing department where I can learn but I can also demonstrate my learnings, my successes and be heard.

Blog life

I have been having the most fun in the blogging bubble. At the backend of last year I definitely suffered from the burnout blogger syndrome. It was really annoying and frustrating.

Although I firmly believe there’s nothing magical about January 1st (Thanks Laura Casey) I decided to use to reset my attitude towards blogging and really think about WHY I’m doing this and WHAT I wanna talk about.

So, first of all we have a new theme! What do we think? It’s pretty similar to my old one, I just fancied a little switch and refresh.

I’ve really lucky to attend a few events and have a few blog/social media collaborations this year. Honestly, I never expected to get to this point last year as I;ve always considered myself a kinda lazy blogger, so I’m really proud of this achievement.

Over the past month, I’ve kinda come to a new revelation that I really want to talk about Cambridge a bit more and what it has to offer, I’ve often tried to stay more general lifestyle and beauty but my lifestyle is in Cambridge. If that makes sense?

So I’m really happy to say I’m going to be covering more and more on what Cambridge has to offer. The everyday perspective on this chic little city and its surrounding areas which I’m hoping will be helpful for anyone flying by or visiting on a little city break. . Cambridge is often to referred to as a little London and has the most beautiful independent coffee shops, stores and much more. So I’m so excited to be shining a little more light on the city.

General Life

We bought a house! Im not sure If I’ve shared that yet? We are due to move in at the end of June and I could not be more excited! I am literally dying to get out of the flat we rent as its just never really felt like a home to us. I’m also so excited to slowly play DIY around the house. It’s a new build so we have a bank canvas to play around with. My goal is to customize each room on a really cheap budget where possible.

I literally have multiple pinterest boards dedicated to things like kitchen tiling and corner shelves. I’m planning to get LOTS of storage furniture in.

I am also super happy that we are moving just in time for summer, it’s going to be absolutely beautiful to be able to sit in a garden and enjoy the sun. We currently have a small balcony that looks out on to a busy street so it’s not the best.

And that is pretty much my update! I actually quite liked writing this, so maybe lets make it a biannual thing? It’s actually really cathartic to look back see what’s been going on in the three corners of my life. What has been one the big achievements been in your life lately?

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