Suffering from the Millennial burnout

June 23, 2019 in Lifestyle - No Comments - 2 min read

i have never considered myself to be someone who suffers from a burnout or even total exhaustion. However, it stuck me a couple of weeks ago and i have just been completely overwhelmed.

At first I wasn’t entirely sure why? I try to keep my ‘online’ life as straight up as possible. I don’t sugarcoat everything and am more than happy to share my fuck-ups and stressful days – because I find it helpful? For me as a content creator I find it important to be able to share honest snippets or my life. (I will stress snippets as we all know social media will never allow you to tell the whole story!) I also love, when other bloggers etc share the honest truths of their day. I personally find it really helpful to know from them that their life isn’t picture perfect all the time.

One interesting thing, I found about my burnout about the past couple of weeks – is that I haven’t felt down – just completely exhausted and unmotivated. But, I still think that matters and my feelings are valid – I just wasn’t experiencing a dark side. (I hope that makes sense!)

The biggest thing I have learnt is that i don’t have to be (and it isn’t entirely possible) to be switched ‘on’ all the time. Being switched off and spending time with yourself just taking a mental break is totally okay.

Little things I did to soothe the burnout

  • Chatted to literally anyone and everyone I’ve loved just to enjoy other peoples company
  • Accepted that I couldn’t be a my usually sassy self for a bit.
  • Used my annual leave for a day of literally nothing.
  • exercised more – walks to the gym. Just by myself, enjoying myself.
  • Bed early and consistently.
  • More reading
  • Less time online.
  • Spent blocks of time just muting my phone.
  • Took more breaks during my work day.
  • A few good films.

Now I have to stress, these aren’t foolproof remedies, just simply what worked for me to feel a little more motivated to blog and enjoy planned activities again.

Have a beautiful week and don’t worry! A beauty post is coming your way soon!

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