Self love? Here’s four quotes to live by!

February 5, 2018 in Blog - 1 Comment - 3 min read

Self love. We all need it.


Yes! Its February finally and unnecessarily long month of January has gone. Although January wasn’t too bad my end, I’m glad we’re out of the first month of the year. It’s always a little bit of a dud after Christmas and the start of February means we can turn our attention to other events in the year, like easter and valentines day. Its the month to give yourself a little self love for sure.

Although i’ve been in a relationship for nearly three years, neither of us are really THAT fussed about Valentines day. We do like to use the excuse to do something nice together, like a dinner, movie or even spontaneous day out. For example last year, we ended up booking a spontaneous trip to Paris and exploring for four days.

The Self Love Technique

This year, I have a fresh take on Valentines day. While I’m all about sharing the love with my boyfriend, I also want to use this February, to give myself a little bit of self love. You may remember myself saying that this year I wanted to focus on my self love a little more.

Well, I’m here to share the love out. A technique I’ve been using is to find or make empowering uplifting quotes to help promote  my self love. Firstly, I love creating things and secondly its so effective to see something presented so nicely with an encouraging self love quote. So I’m sharing the love. Here’s four uplifting quotes that i’ve been using in January to keep myself strong, determined and positive.



This little self love quote always serves as a good reminder. Take time to make your soul happy. Feeling a little overwhelmed? Chose to do something in your downtime that both rewarding and relaxing. I personally love to do paper crafts, its off the digital world and requires attention.



I like many others, need to be reminded that having confidence in myself is a good thing. It’s not cocky. It’s empowering. Self love is all about accepting your wins and losses.

Remembering who you are.

Nothing spreads an appreciation in yourself more than remembering you you are. You are the protagonist of your story. As cheesy as that sounds, I actually find it really uplifting to remember that I am in charge of what Im doing.



Even when you feel completely broken and unmotivated, its reassuring to have a visual que. Seeing this self love quote, really makes me feel positive. It just gives me that flood of inspiration. No matter what the problem, I can and I will overcome it.

So there you have it. I really hoped i’ve spread a little self love over to you with this post. I’ve actually created a Pinterest board,  full of positive quotes all to promote self love! You can find it here!

You can also find our more about another wellness strategy I’m trying this year here! Have a beautiful week!

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  • Erin February 5, 2018 at 6:50 pm

    Such good things to live by! Staying happy is SO important! 🙂

    Erin || MakeErinOver

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