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I’m so excited, for two reasons. One I finally have time to sit down and go threw my Rose jam box and two, I finally get to do my first Lush review.

Now, I am by no means a expert Lush reviewer but I do love lush and my obsession has only increased after seeing so many amazing reviews with other bloggers (I cannot wait to get my hands  on the valentines collection) I’ve always found my local Lush to be so friendly and open to genuinely helping find a product that is right for you, and not just wanting to just make a hard sale.

I had tried pretty much every bath bomb, and a good selection of different skincare pots but had never found a perfume that I was totally in love with. The thing is, I didn’t want to just buy the perfume once, I was looking for a scent that I would keep buying over and over because I love the smell and I love using it – along came Rose jam (and the sexy gift box it came in)

You guessed it, the mosts gorgeous smelling kit landed in my lap to start my year off just right and let me tell you, these three products all carry the most gorgeous smell in their own unique way. In this gift pack you receive, a body conditioner, body spray & shows gel. The perfect trio.


Ro’s Argan – Body Conditioner

Now this body conditioner is as smooth as they come and as heavenly as they could ever smell. Fill with fair trade organic cocoa butter, a hint of vanilla & an infusion of rose. Its spreads smoothly and easily over the skin leaving the heavenly rose jam scent behind. I think what I love most about the rose jam scent, is that it’s not in your face, its not too poppy or overpowering.

I find the body conditioner best to use at end of the day, after a warm shower. After using it for a week solid, my skin is smoother and this is excellent for dry skin which unfortunately tends to happen to me all over Winter. I will definitely be heading back to buy more once I finish every last drop of this!


Rose Jam – Shower Gel

This little bottle is not enough. It is not enough for my new found addiction to this scent. How great is it to actually have a shower gel that lingers after you get out the shower? Thats something I’ve really found to be lacking in other brands & beauty products. The smell is so devious that it honestly boosts my mood. Again, best to use this just before bed, then pop the Body Conditioner on straight after! Just divine!


Rose Jam – Body Spray

Oh my goodness, I have to tell you, this body spray is so rich with such a sweet, floral aroma that I could spray around all day uncontrollably. However I won’t, cause I gotta make this last! Rose jam is such a fresh scent, its such a clean scent that its so easy to to get caught  up in it. The scent lingers for hours and I think this will such a perfect scent to carry around during Spring/Summer months.

Im really hoping that this scent is a keeper for Lush, I just want more everything with this. Unfortunately Lush Cambridge (my local Lush) is closed for a refurb right now, So I am unable to get my hands a few news things to try. They have assured the Lushies of Cambridge they will be open in time for Valentines day and all they GORGEOUS Valentines products. Believe me, i’ll be there the day the store reopens to grab some of the range – DESPERATE to try it all out!

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  • Erin January 12, 2018 at 10:06 pm

    I love the look of the spray. Ro’s Argan is my untimate favourite from Lush! I love the scent 🙂

    Erin || MakeErinOver

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