Four types of Social Media copy to help with engagement

January 24, 2018 in Blog - 1 Comment - 3 min read

Want more engagement? Me too.

Currently I’m super happy with my social media engagement, my following is on the rise as is my reach. It might be slow and steady but progress is progress and I’m celebrating.

Writing good social media copy is one the most essential skills for a social media marketeer and you shouldn’t even considering working in the industry unless you’ve got your copy game down. Luckily, there are endless resources to help with that. However sometimes, when your sat there creating your content for the week of even the month, it’s understandable to feel a little strained as your giving out so much energy and so much creativity.

It’s important to remember certain templates of social media copy, and allow yourself to fill in the blanks, dependent on what topic your talking about. So without further do, check out my favourite four types of social media content below, that are sure to help encourage and increase your engagement.


Keep it Open

Social media is social. So start talking and encouraging people to talk back at you. Asking a question is the one of the easiest strategies on social, and one that is endless. You can use the is weekly or even daily. Just make sure your question, is easy to respond to and inviting. I personally would avoid creating a question with a yes or no answer – because really do you want that? A one word answer gives you very little to work with to enhance the conversation further.

Think about it like this. A question give your audience something to connect to, rather than just an open statement.


Give out advice, tips & tricks

My favourite engagement tactic, and also this one should be east for ALL of you if your passionate about your niche. There’s a good chance that the audience you have following you on social is one that is already immensely interested in what you have to say, whether its what your selling, your brand or just your expertise. So my simple advice – just talk about it. Offer you audience and insider tip that you do everyday – So for myself I would offer out little bitesize social media tips to encourage my audience to interact with me. Also, it’s like your helping give away little freebies of information. Who doesn’t live free things?


Photo/Video Content

Visual is better. That’s just how it is in todays social media. I love seeing a small piece of video content or even just a nicely presented photo along with a brand or a bloggers update. Whether its just accounting what they’ve done for the day or even just being reminded of a product or offer. Visual content is likely to get 53% more likes across any platform than if you posted the same copy without anything accompany it.

So why not just throw a photo in? Of course not just anything, make it relevant, make sure its visually appeasing. Think about how the image is lined up and always use a good quality camera of iPhone.


Comment on Trending Topics

While is good to have a packed and busy content schedule. Make sure to leave some room for any potential trending weekly topics that you could potentially benefit from speaking about. However don’t go spouting about any old trending news if its not relevant to your professional social media profiles. OR if you can’t draw a relevant stance back to you. For example, if you sell stationery it might not be wise to comment on breaking news about a hospital. It just doesn’t work.

There’s so much more I could share with you about good social media copy to encourage engagement and I’ll make sure to add a part two for this post! But for now, take these four strategies, look at your social media calendars and see how you can incorporate these into your brands over the next month.

And if you do, make sure to comment and tell me, lets have a chat about it!

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  • Erin January 27, 2018 at 9:33 am

    This has just reminded me that I need to be so much better on twitter, I suck at staying chatty on twitter! I need to be better :O

    Erin || MakeErinOver

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