Five Uplifting instagram accounts to follow during this murky time

April 13, 2020 in The Lockdown series - No Comments - 3 min read

It’s an odd time right now

I think its quite easy to say that during lockdown, most people will be spending more time on their phones. I totally get why.

Our phones have become a lifeline, they are literally now our first point of communication, socializing and receiving news. So when it comes to social media, its important that we use it to our advantage and stay away from looking at content that will suck us into a bad place.

The news about coronavirus, is heavy. So we need a nice contrast to that, my downtime is filled with a lot of instagram right now. Say what you like about instagram but I’m really enjoying it right. I love seeing what everyone is up to, whether it is lounging to a home project to the latest book that they’ve read.

I’m treating it as an online community, its something I get to look at and engage with everyday and thats a really nice thing. So with that thought I really want to share my favourite accounts as of right now. From stories to th grid, these guys are adding a lovely five minutes to my day.


I have followed positivelypresent for ages. Their cute social media graphics are just a gorgeous does of delight on my news feed. Every post has something positive to within and its just a nice thing to fill your mind with during this trying time.

I also really love their infographics giving little tips and tricks on what you can do while bored & a visual guide to what anxiety looks like. It’s just a great visual guide.

Corrie Bromfield

I love corriebromfield and her sassy account. I think I love it so much because its just filled with this beautiful pink theme with hints of pop culture references (from mean girls & 13 going on 30!). She’s funny and also takes a great pics.


I am actually part of Bethsbookclub run by bethsandland. It’s an online book club so really perfect for these tricky times as you can be part of a community without even leaving the house.

The instagram account is so lush as its filled with everything and anything about books. From chatting about the monthly book to giving you book envy. There’s also loads of great recommendations if you’re looking for your next read.


Even though we cant travel anywhere right now, we can still look at beautiful places through instagram. There are so many day trips and weekends away in the United Kingdom that I am planning to take and postcardsbyhannah is helping me make that decision.

She makes every part of the UK look so pretty, so something to look forward to once we are out of this crazy situation.


Inject a little bit of Disney and pastel love on your feed with Katelovesblog. I am all about surrounding yourself with that light hearted content and Kate is such a bundle of joy. It’s just nice to fill your feed with feel good things.

The way I see it, with these crazy times, its just nice to fill your feed with a little bit of positivity. Let instagram be a bubble for you.

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