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September 16, 2017 in Lifestyle - No Comments - 2 min read
Celebrating the weekend! I love the cosy feeling that September brings!

It’s getting cold, autumn is most definitely arriving in Cambridge and I couldn’t be happier. The months leading to the end of the year are my favourite and it’s probably the time period where I look after myself the most.

Starting the weekend off right. Well fed and rested.

I’m also excited to be actively blogging around this time too, so I can finally record and share all the amazing things that happen in Cambridge around this time. There’s so many fairs, a winter wonderland, and exciting meet-ups, so hopefully, we can all look forward to an exciting end of the year.

Little fee all cuddled up on a rainy friday night!

I also have a personal development goal towards the end of the year. I recently won a free membership to my local gym and quite honestly I’ve really not taken advantage of that. And really, when something like that is given to you for free (I mean usually that’s around a £200 investment each year) I need to use it and abuse it. It’s also a really beautiful gym, and pretty much dead all the time. So I’m looking forward 3 – 4 times a week and taking part in the free classes that they provide, another great benefit.

An empty gym makes me a happy girl!

I’m also working on creating a monthly newsletter (Starting in January) with social media and self-care tips and tricks I’ve found that works for me. These are two of my favourite topics to talk about so I think combining them together, will be a lovely little dose of news.

If you’d like to join and sign up see here

You can also email me at



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