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Holiday photo reminisce: Disney Paris

April 4, 2018 in Blog, Lifestyle - No Comments - 2 min read

Dancing in Disney

Back in November, Henry and I took a magical little trip to Disney (Disneyland Paris).  It was to celebrate his birthday and really just treat ourselves to a jolly good time. We have only ever been on one mini holiday before in our three year relationship and we just wanted to escape and spend a few day’s living in the magic.

I love Disney. I love everything about it. It was my best friend growing up. From the movies to the parks, Disney has always allowed me to have a  imagination and celebrate. So to be heading back with my best friend, made me super happy. An adult in Disney is really just an overgrown kid right?



We chose to stay in Disneys Newport bay hotel. Super Fancy. Super nice. Also smells amazing, I cannot quite put my finger on it. Our room was cute and of course boat themed. I honestly would have been really disappointed to stay in an average hotel in Disney. It just wouldn’t have been the full experience. We stayed for four nights and spent our days playing in the two big parks. Magic Kingdom and Walt Disney studios.

We ate out at beautiful restaurants and even had breakfast with Mickey on Henry’s Birthday. A couple of nights we decided to order food and take it back to our room as we were just super tired from the parks. Which is normal, your on your feet all day soaking up the experience.

I could go on forever but I really think the best way to see my experience is to see all of our favourite holiday photos. Just note, i’m not a professional photographer so please be nice! I really hope you enjoy flicking through my Disney photo diary. I cannot wait to return once they’ve finished renovating new bits of the parks and downtown area. It was honestly such the perfect escape!

It also wasn’t super expensive for us as we booked through and they usually get super good deals with Disney. Our deal was four nights for the price of two. Pretty good if you ask me!



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