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Entering the world of Dermologica armed with five fantastic products

GIFTED PRODUCTS | I have always wanted to try the elite skincare brand Dermalogica, but have never been sure on where to begin. I mean, they have a lot of products but I’m usually pretty rubbish and matching the right product to my skin condition. My skin tends to lean towards the oily/combination side. This next bit is a little sensitive for me, I do still tend to have mass breakouts occasionally, usually around my time of the month. It makes me feel a little self conscious, so finding products that can help prevent that issue is so comforting.

So when Dermalogica sent me a few skincare products to try, I was really excited to get stuck and implement these skincare products into morning and evening skincare routine.

Pre Cleanse

So the pre cleanse, is probably my favourite product in the bundle because it has literally been a god send to my skin. I’ve never had a pre cleanse style product for my skin. I’m thinking thats where I might be going wrong! The pre cleanse, preps my skin for its morning/evening skin routine and helps remove any last bits of makeup/dirt but in such a gentle way. I used to exfoliate my skin quite hard to take off any last bits of makeup so this has really helped soothe that redness.

The re cleanse, also has a refreshing light citrus smelling scent which I just adore in skincare.

Special Cleansing Gel

This cleansing gel is a special one, because its a foaming one, which feels great to use. Again the product is very gentle to use on your skin. Its very lightweight and mild enough to use every day and also features calming Balm Mint and Lavender extracts to soothe the skin. So its not a heavy addition to your skincare routine which is perfect!

Skin Perfect Primer

I honestly, have an off relationship with primers. I find some work really well and other don’t match up to my skin type or work well with the foundation I’m currently using. I’ve also tended to lean to use clear primers as well, as its incredibly difficult to match up the correct primer to foundation.

So the Dermalogica Skin Perfect Primer, was the perfect excuse to really trail and test how good a skin toned primer can be. With the bottle size, you don’t need to be too generous with the primer as its purpose is purely to prep the skin for foundation. Especially with medium to full coverage foundation. However, when trying this at the weekend, I really felt the primer gave me enough coverage to just wear solo. It was the perfect no makeup simple cover up. It disguised all my red marks and allow my skin to breath a little.

Skin Smoothing Cream

The skin smoothing cream was really a surprise product for me. It contains a hyrdamesh technology which helps shield skin’s natural microbiome from environmental stress. So it keeps its nice and hydrated which my dry skin reallllly needs during summertime.

I’ve found the best way to apply this product is in upwards stokes from the throat and above. It feels really luscious and smooth after being applied.

Daily Microfoliant

I have never owned a product like the microfoliant so I’ve really enjoyed testing and try ing this one out to its fullest. Its a powder exfoliant product. So the way this product works is that you pop some of the power on to your hand and wet your other hand. Then mix the two together to create a creamy exfoliating paste. Once done, its ready to go on your face in swift circular motions. I would personally do this for two minutes, dependant on your skin type.

I was hesitant about using this because I thought it would be quite messy to get to grips with. I could not have been more wrong, its really simple and you don’t need a lot of powder to create a nice exfoliant.

Final thoughts

I’ve had a really good introduction to the world of Dermalogica. I’m definitely keen to try more products and really see how versatile the brand was. I’ve been using these products and seen a massive reduce in red/ sometimes spotty patches in my skin. (which seem to appear whenever I’m stressed) I’m going to continue using these products until they run dry and will definitely be hitting the purchase button after.

Have you tried Dermalogica? Have you got a favourite product I should try?

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