Cambs Coffee Hotspot: La Piazza by Signorelli’s

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Slowly making my way all around the Coffee Shops of Cambridge

So, my plan is to slowly make my way around all the coffee shops of Cambridge and see what delights they have to offer. Not a bad plan right? I love a trip into town for a little treat and a coffee shop is just perfect for that. I also love heading out to spend time either planning my week or writing a blog post. Sometimes its just easier to focus. This week, I tried out La Piazza by Signorelli’s deli.

Where can we find La Piazza?

If you’re a Cambridge local, you’ll know that over the past couple of years the Grafton has been having a refurbish. (Which I have to say has really paid off!). As a result, La Piazza has popped up right outside H&M on the ground floor. It’s kind of an open plan cafe/bar type situation.

Whats the vibe like?

It’s a really gorgeously decorated open plan space, so you really cannot ignore it if you’re down that end of the The Grafton. La Piazza is also the sister cafe of Signorelli’s deli, which opened up on bridge street a couple of years ago.

It’s beautifully decorated with warm greens and oranges. The area really gives off a cosy vibe. I think it would be quite easy to spend a couple of hours there really comfortably.

What delights can we grab to eat?

La Piazza is full of delightfully baked Italian goods and incredibly crafted pastries, so you are really spoilt for choice! If you go in the daytime, I really recommend a deli style sandwich! They are so filling and a really generous size for such a good price!

However, make sure you don’t fill yourself up too much as La Piazza has an amazing selection of pastries to offer. I am a huge fan of anything pistachio flavoured. I honestly feel like its such an underrated flavour, its so refreshing and light but also really sweet to eat. la Piazza have this beautiful pistachio flavoured profiteroles selection which I just had to have! It was so divine and I’m literally already planning for when i can go back and grab another one!

Would I recommend La Piazza again?

100% yes! I paid for everything myself on this trip and I really think its reasonably priced for such really nice professionally made food. The pastries are a work of art, it’s very clear someone has spent so much time crafting these treats.

La Piazza by Signorelli’s is also an independent and I really prefer spending my time supporting independents of Cambridge, they give us so much variety. It’s also so much better than spending your time at another chain coffee having the same experience.

Have you got a coffee hotspot recommendation that I should check out in Cambridge?

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