3 things that keep me feeling confident

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Day to day adult life can pretty overwhelming, especially balancing professional & social life. in my current job, it’s important to stay confident and even more importantly creative. I love my job, but it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. So there are three things I make sure to do every evening, in order to pause and rest.


I’m lucky enough to have a work phone and its great for being able to catch up on emails and communicate on the go. However, when I get home around six, thats it. My phone is either off or on silent. Sometimes I can get a dozen emails through in the evening, and that can be overwhelming when it’s supposed to be my downtime or chill time.

I also make sure to stay away from my personal half an hour before bed. I know the recommended time is way before that but I just can’t part with my phone that long before bed. – bad right?



Even if I haven’t finished a project or even if it wasn’t my best, I remember to look for the positives. With every task in my job, I know my skill set grows, my presentation grows and my creativity grows. I have to praise myself for that, as I know I’m constantly switched on and learning. So at the end of the day, it’s good to take five minutes and think, I’m pleased with what I worked on today. There will always be something good to see. That fills me with confidence.


It is incredible how a substantial nights sleep, can make all the difference. If I’ve slept enough, the next day brings me so much quality. My morning is also better, purely because I feel fresh and that pattern continues throughout the day. Confidence is practice, so being able to have a morning routine that I can repeat every day, brings me confidence, I can force myself out of bed and nurture my morning routine.


Try these three little tips for yourself, see if you feel that little more confident

I’m also working on creating a monthly newsletter (Starting in January) with social media and self-care tips and tricks I’ve found that works for me. These are two of my favourite topics to talk about so I think combining them together, will be a lovely little dose of news.

If you’d like to join and sign up see here

You can also email me at mollieclarke.co.uk@gmail.com.




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