Are your goals on track?

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Stay focused with your goals

I’ve tried for years and years to make sure my goals are on track. I’ve been through so many planners and reminders but never found a strategy that really works, until this year. As I’ve grown older I’ve learnt that I don’t need to base my goals around materials things constantly and even if I do, its important to understand the humble process that goal setting takes you on to achieve that. For me, its all about learning the deeper meaning behind why I set the goals I do.

For example, I’ve set myself the monthly goal of tracking my blog stats. Each month I aiming to set my target higher than the last months. Now that seems like and fairly simple goal, however theres so much depth behind it that I’m constantly going on a process each month. I have evaluate each piece of content from the last month and see what performed well and what didn’t, draft on what new content I can create thats still consistent with past content and my blog figure out strategies to promote it also. So behind every goals, theres always going to be so much more.


Goal Setting

Every goal I set myself from now on, is part of the process to helping myself achieve the lifestyle I aspire to have. So right now, I want my ultimate lifestyle to be wholesome, calm & fulfilling. So think about what goals you can set yourself to push yourself to your ideal lifestyle, not what society may push you towards. It’s always important to create a big picture and see what you can see yourself with. I make sure to see the big picture with one of my favourite strategies a vision board, something you can create to have on your desk or even something you can create on a computer. (I’ll be doing a blog post on this in the near future)

I like to always assess each goal with the SMART goals steps. No matter how small it is. It’s such a thought provoking process for keep you on track.

Always ask yourself WHY you are doing what your doing. Make sure it’s bringing you back to the core of why you setting each specific goal. Visualise yourself six months in the future, achieving all your goals you set yourself today. Are you happy? Is this fulfilling? The most important goals are the ones that you can merge your personal and professional life together, if you can set a goal to help yourself feel fulfilled in both, then your definitely on the right track for achieving the bigger picture.

Want to know more about goal setting? Head over to my instagram as I’ll be sharing a goal setting tip every day for a week, starting on Monday 22nd! 

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  • Erin January 19, 2018 at 10:00 pm

    Smart Goals! We use these all the time at College! So cool 🙂

    Erin || MakeErinOver

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