All the Cambridge brunch hotspots to add to your bucket list once Lockdown is over

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Okay, so Lockdown isn’t going to last forever. There is most definitely light at the end of the tunnel. In preparation for that, I’m sharing with you some of my favourite places to go in Cambridge & across Cambridgeshire. I’m also sharing a little bit of wishlist on the places I cannot wait to tick of my list once we’re able to do so.

First up, are the must try Cambridge brunch recommendations on my list. The majority of all of these are local, homegrown places? Why? Because now is a time more than ever to shout about the wonderful unique businesses the clever individuals of lovely Cambridge have created and crafted from the ground up.

I also have a sneaky suspicion that home away from home holidays might become more frequent once we are out of the thick of corona. So if you’re planning a stay cation – I really recommend you add Cambridge to your list. We have lots of cute little brunch spots for you to explore and fill your belly with.

old bicycle shop

The Old Bicycle Shop is one of the coolest places, right in the middle of the city Centre to grab brunch. As you can imagine, The decor has a huge bicycle theme. Which is what Cambridge is all about – honestly its a city run by bikes. They are veggie & vegan friendly with plenty of choices. This is one of my favourite places to go for a boozy brunch as their cocktail list is fabulously themed.

Parkers Tavern

This is my only recommendation on the list that I have not yet been to. Well, tell a lie – I’ve been to Parkers Tavern for afternoon tea and an incredible dinner. But I haven’t quite got brunch ticked off my Cambridge bucket list for this one. Parkers Tavern is still fairly new on the scene in Cambridge but has such rave reviews and really is such a special place to visit.

This is where to go when you really want to splash out for a brunch, like a special occasion.


I have to tell you, I am really missing the Millworks during lockdown. I just really love the ‘brunch vibe’ there. The millworks has got all the brunch classics, from eggs benedict to a gorgeous full English breakfast. I recommend this spot for when you wan to have a leisurely brunch,no fuss, no hassle. Why? The Millworks is just a little bit out of the City Centre – so a lot more peaceful. It’s just a short walk across the park to hit central Cambridge. A perfect way to brush off those brunch calories.

Another favourite bit about Millworks for me, is the staff. They don’t bother you endlessly and they have a buzzer system so you can call someone over if you’re ready to order. It’s all on your terms. Fabulous.

Burwash Manor

Burwash Manor is the perfect little countryside escape just on the edge of Cambridge. They have it all, a cute little spa, a wonderful farm shop (you can get the nicest vegetables there) and the delightful Flock Cafe. I’ve actually done a brunch review on The Flock cafe before on my blog, so head over there to get my full thoughts.

Scotts All Day

This brunch spot is relatively new but one I am dying to go back to as soon as lockdown lifts. Scotts All Day is located on the iconic Mill Road in Cambridge. I’ve only been to Scotts once but I can say, hand on heart they serve the best pancakes in Cambridge. Like, proper American style pancakes. This is the perfect spot to have brunch if you fancy investigating all Mill Road has to offer.

ST Ives, River Terrace Cafe

A spot thats not in central Cambridge but really worth the drive out to see. St Ives’ is a beautiful little riverside town to explore anyway. The River Terrace Cafe is probably one of the most peaceful spots in Cambridge to spend a morning. Whether you’re having brunch outside or in, every spot is just as cosy as the next. If it’s a warm, sunny day I really recommend you grab a spot on the terrace, such a delightful area to have bunch, watching rowers go by on the river.

And there you have it, my top Cambridge brunch hotspots. Once lockdown is over, we need to support small businesses and local ones too. So I cant wait to have brunch in Cambridge once again. be sure to check out all my Cambridge recommendations over on my blog.

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