Adding a dose of colour to our door

April 26, 2020 in Home Decor - No Comments - 2 min read

I have always said to myself, that as soon as we move into our first home, I would want to add colour wherever possible. For me, that starts right at the front door.

Currently I’ve opted to do seasonal wreaths, so I change it around at least four times a year. I think adding a seasonal wreath is such a fun way of brightening up your home and joining in with celebrating the seasons.

Autumn Wreath

I mean, what colours signify autumn to you? It has to be the deep oranges and red to browns. So I was super happy to find this little wreath to hang on my decor. It also worked perfectly to fit in with our Halloween decorations. It’s lovely to add decor like this to our door as well, as you can see, its not th prettiest of doors but a wreath just brightens it all up.

Winter Wreath

Our winter wreath is actually from John Lewis and oh my goodness do not be fooled, it was actually incredibly heavy. Im sure that just because of the huge amount of decor on it but we had to make sure we had a very strong and sturdy hook on it. While I like this purchase, I think I might have to alternate between a more traditionally festive looking one in the future. While it has a perfect dose of sparkle, I did miss seeing that festive red and green.

Spring Wreath

This has to be my most favourite wreath to date. I think because, spring is just filled with brighter colours. I’m also a sucker for those fresh pastels, bright pinks and purples. I also found this one of a local etsy seller. I didn’t realize while making this purchase, but actual real dried flowers have been used to make this wreath, which makes even better to me. It’s my first year using it but I plan to store it carefully so we can preserve for a good few years to come.

But wait a minute, there’s one season missing right? Summer is fast approaching and I’m still looking for that Bright and colourful wreath to brighten up my door, so stay tuned! Or if you have any suggestions of any local store offering great decor, leave a comment below!

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