About Mollie

Who am I?

Well, I’m Mollie, a 23 year old lifestyle blogger and social media manager, currently residing and working in the beautiful and historical city of cambridge. You can often find me lurking by the NYX counter there, (my go to drugstore makeup)!

I LOVE to write about all things I come across in my little life, be it a beauty product, life hack or mini adventure. I’m slightly obsessed with finding ways and products that allow me to live just that little bit better. If you share this passion then you have come to the right little corner on the internet.

I also have a huge passion for social media (hence the job title), which caused me to start my blog. You’ll find me chatting about the latest deveoplments and trends and excitedly demonstrating how you can put these strategies into action for your blog, business or even just in your personal social media!

I hope you enjoy reading my corner of the internet and if you fancy it, I’m always up for having a chat with like minded people, you can find me at @mollieblog on twitter or email me at mollieclarkeblog@gmail.com



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  • I do use some stock photos, all stock photos are either free or paid for. Other photos are all my own, shot on my trusty iPhone.
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  • This is a safe and happy corner of the internet. Please enjoy.