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Lets talk Skin

I honestly never used to be self conscious about my skin. Not really even through those awkward teen years, growing up. For me, it just seemed like my skin was the one thing I had covered in the confidence area.

Fast forward to my uni days & my poor diet & lack of sleep, my skin was telling a different story. Little did I know that a few years of unhealthy habits would take a good few years to fix my skin. And lets be real – I am always constantly fixing my skin and looking for products to help it along the way.

When Summer rolls around..

Obviously my lifestyle is slightly different now, I’ve become a lot more conscious of how I should treat my body to get the best out of it. HOWEVER, I still breakout from time to time around my cheeks & chin. For a self conscious girl – this is less than ideal.

dermalogica clearstart

My worst times often tend to be around summertime, which is really the time where you wanna get yourself out there & really just enjoy the summer vibes. I usually do NOT want to be wearing makeup in summer because of the heat but I often feel as though I need to cover up my breakouts.

Where Dermalogica Comes In..

A couple of months ago, I got a surprise PR package from Dermalogica with one of their products from their “Clear Start” range – I had heard the range was dropping, already seen the buzz around it. So I did feel quite special to be ‘chosen‘ to sample one of their products. Especially because my skin was the perfect candidate for it!

dermalogica clearstart

I had been sent the ‘mattifying moisturizer’. A full size product ranging around £25. so I decided that I really needed to put this product to the test over the summer.

I would wake up and use it every morning without fail. On days I wore makeup & days where I didn’t use any. The Mattifying moisturizer also contains SPF30 – perfect for the hotter weather. I know I’m protecting my skin in two senses that way. The matte finish enabled me to also look less shiny – (a big help when the weather is unbearable!)

Where Dermalogica have got it so, so right

I think the two big sells for me however were in the ingredients. Tea tree & vitamin C are two things that I know to be amazing for spot prone skin care. I really believe the Dermalogica has got the balance of these ingredients right. Its not overpowering (as I know some tea tree products of other brand can almost sting? – whats that about?!).

I’ll be completely honest with you, my breakouts haven’t gone away (I wish!) But they have reduced massively AND if I do start to breakout this cream seems to banish it away within a day or two, making it a really great confidence booster for me. I mean, I’m now in my mid 20’s – I don’t need breakouts in my life.

dermalogica clearstart

I’m nearly out of my first tube of Dermalogica Mattifying defense (nooo) but rest assured this is going in my shopping basket to buy again. I just really feel that Dermalogica gets my skin & I’m going to keep using their products to give my skin it’s best chance!

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