4 Netflix programmes to add to your June binge list

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Everyone has Netflix in their home right? if you don’t, then I’m super confused as to why not?! I love to have Netflix on in the background when I’m having a long blogging sesh (i.e right now) but I also love to have an evening of Netflix when I’ve got nothing else on. It’s just nice to have that chill time, especially after a busy working day.

Dead to me

Full disclosure: I started this and finished this in one day. It was just so good. Now I don’t want to give too much away but essentially its about following Jen and how shes having to cope in the months following on from her husbands untimely death. Which happened in a hit and run. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions and the story does not end up where you think it might. BUT, let me tell you, its really fucking funny.

Kims convenience

There are currently three whole seasons of this delightful Canadian comedy on Netflix and I’m super excited for the fourth one which is on the way for later this year. The shoe follows Kim and his family as they make amends and challenge each other from silly pranks to heartfelt conversations.


This is one of the most bizarre fly on the wall documentaries about jail life in America. We’ve had the serious ones dropped at Netflix before but this one almost feels like a bad comedy. It’s six episodes of pure madness, from ‘fishing’ in the toilets to fighting over dirty looks. It such a good divulge for someone who loveeees tv about crime.

Crazy ex girlfriend

Here’s the good news or the bittersweet news if you like, this series has just end for good, which means there’s a whole 4 series worth of stories from start to end on Netflix ready to be divulged. Crazy ex girlfriend is such a good shoe because underneath all the comedy it actually tells the really beautiful story of the women’s journey with her mental health and everything that has come into to play and how its shaped her life.

What programmes are on your June binge list Netflix? Let me know in the comments?

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