3 Pinterest tips to get you going

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    Think before you Pin!

Always plan ahead with content and more importantly the types of content you want to post. It’s easy to re-pin again and again, but actually putting your own voice into your copy is what sets you apart. Put up your own photos and even dedicate a board to content that is solely yours!.

It’s important to diversify your content also, your focus maybe DIY and may have several boards dedicated to that, which is great but add a board or to onto something that completely different, that may draw another type of audience to your profile. For example, a quote board or food board – take your pick.

2. Get Pin Friendly 

Want your pin to stand out? Pins with a vertical aspect ratio, also known as ‘tall pins — perform the best due to the fact that they purely take up more space on all screen types and grab the attention of the viewer.

Text overlays that explain what is inside the pin is also a great quick and easy marketing tool. Just make sure that your title is catchy and short – never give too much away, only cause curiosity

Example: Vertical post with text overlay


3. Allocate a time each week to be active on Pinterest

Now, of course, this all depends on how much time you have, you can do this daily or weekly or even hourly if you’re that keen.

Look through your week and see if there’s any organic content you can pin on your accounts and if there are any influencers you can re-pin and add a little sentence to that content – just to make it more interesting.

Engagement is also a keen part of any social media platform and Pinterest is no exception. When people re-pin your images, be sure to thank them. In addition, if they comment on your pins and boards, comment back. For high levels of engagement that will help your pins grow in popularity, it all starts with you. The more you reach out to people, the more your engagement levels will grow.


Now I may have been handling clients Pinterest for well over a year now but I’m really just getting started in using my own personal account. So give me a follow – comment on one of my boards that you found me from this post and I’ll give you a follow back!

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    Love your Pinterest boards – just followed you:)

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