3 instagram tips you should try now!

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I love Instagram – let just admit it, every time Instagram has a new update of evolves, snapchat dies a little more. And I’m okay with that, the platform literally has nothing else to offer. Whereas Instagram has a whole visual network for your stories to expand on. It’s public and its good.

So get into the instastories game with these three tips

Screenshot old photos from your Camera Roll to post them to your Instagram Story.

For now, you can only add photos taken within the last 24 hours to your Instagram Story.

But here’s an easy hack that’ll let you post throwback pictures. Go into your Camera Roll and screenshot any old photos you want to share. Then, open Instagram and swipe up or down on the default Instagram camera screen.

You’ll see the photos you just screenshotted under “Last 24 Hours,” as pictured above. That way you can play with having high-quality photos taken previously, allowing your stories to be as chic and captivating as possible. Unfortunately, for the time being, duplicating Live photos or videos on your iPhone doesn’t work the same way.


Mention other accounts 

One of Instagram’s biggest advantages over Snapchat is that you can actually tag other accounts in your story. They get a notification that you’ve done so and It’s a great way to give a shout-out to another business or showcase an influencer in a takeover! It really allows that content to lead onto something else.

Just make sure your visual content is high quality!

Insta-stories and hashtagging

Instagram recently announced a new way to use the social media platform, and it’s great news for those who love to travel like a local, Instagram introduced location and hashtag stories on their Explore page, which are, simply, stories curated automatically by Instagram from users who have used location stickers or hashtags on their stories. Users can also search any location around the world for each location’s public story, or search any hashtag for that hashtag’s public story. It is perfect for brands if they utilise it right! Behind the scenes and fly on the wall content is great for brands right now – So using these tools just helps the case.



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