3 hacks for Instagram stories

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The clue is in the title. Stories.

Instagram stories is and should be used as a strategy for telling a story. A story behind the perfect grid that so many of us aspire to have. A chance to add depth to your social. Its also an opportunity to get creative and express a more silly and informal side on instagram. Something which I really love to utilise, a great a more equal balance of silly and seriousness.

Getting started Instagram stories can feel a little awkward if you love to have everything planned and prefer to have that step back from social but my advice to you is to just embrace it and enjoying testing out all the different way to use Insta stories. See if any of these work for you and let me know!


Promote your new Post/Event/product!



Advertise your new post, product or event, via instastories. Its another outlet to promote your brand and blog and hopefully bring some traffic in. Its casual and also another chance for people to message you and ask more if they want too!

Unfortunately – only a few accounts have the swipe up feature taking you to the relevant post etc. But trust – I imagine we will all be able to indulge in this feature soon.




Although this is a new feature for instagram, its such a great addition and a great tool for engagement. What better way to understand other than to ask them questions? Find out what they like or don’t like?! Ask for their opinions, really take in the idea that you’re dealing with a community.

You could ask:

  • if they liked your latest post
  • How’s their day going?
  • offer some inspo
  • Ask how their feeling?
  • general opinions – for example the red or blue top (if out blogging and shopping)

Get creative and try it! I guuarente your engagement will increase!


Direct your audience to your grid


Remember Instagram stories is there to compliment your grid and the main part of instagram. By covering up your latest post, you do attract peoples curiosity and people do want to see more. This isn’t going to work every time but it does work and it is interesting.

Always add a caption that people will want to tap on to your profile for!

I hope these three hacks were helpful for you! Try them out and let me know how it goes. Once Instagram updates it stories again, which I suspect will be very soon, i’ll be back with more tips!

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