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So from today, all twitter users will be able to double their thoughts as the 280 character expansion has been rolled out to everyone.

Twitter first rolled out this experiment across mixed accounts of the platform (anything from big brands to your average joe) it was exciting and interesting with a mixed reaction fro users. Clearly heir experiment has worked well, with twitter claiming that users with a higher character rate, received more engagement. That magic word.

Personally, I think I am on the fence with this update. As a digital marketer, I am very pleased with this update. There’s more space to get a brand message across if they choose to use it. There’s an opportunity to be more detailed about blogs, products, the brand message etc. while still having a worthy call to action. Something that I’ve found difficult on twitter, is that you run out of space with being fully able to convey your thoughts or message. As a brand you wouldn’t want to take a risk and only publish half of the message. So I understand the need to update the platform for that purpose.

As a personal user of the platform, the update feels very marmite for me. I like the quick burst of info and the fast paced feel of the platform. I worry that adding characters could take that feeling away, and the platform could potentially become slower (like facebook). Facebook and twitter both have different uses and I think its important for them to stay apart and not morph into each other.

Other than that, I welcome the change, I am excited and interested to see how to utilise these extra 140 characters into my content and I hope you welcome the change too. Think of it as a challenge – what will you do?

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  • Erin November 12, 2017 at 3:12 pm

    I’m happy with the update. There seems to be more space to actually say what you want to say without editing away punctuation or spelling lol

    Erin || MakeErinOver

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