How I’m capturing memories by Scrapbooking in 2020

January 26, 2020 in Blog, Lifestyle - No Comments - 2 min read

Reinitiating my passion for scrapbooking

Ever since I was really young, I always like creating paper crafts. From card making to posters, My Mum really encouraged this hobby too, being a crafty sewing creative herself. So it was really sad when my love for paper crafts & scrapbooking died out in my teens. I guess it just didn’t fit with the impeccable cool vibe I dying to give off as a teenager. (Something which I clearly failed at!)

But, now officially in my mid 20’s I’m bringing my love for this back again. Why? Because I really want a heartfelt way to capture all the memories we create throughout 2020. From little moments to huge adventures.

I think at the end of 2019, I just really had the desire, to create something I could physically hold and go through in around 20 years time. Something other than my camera roll…


So, how am I scrapbooking?

Well, for Christmas, I was really lucky to receive an Instax Camera with three different types of filters. I love Polaroid camera’s and actually have had a cheaper version in the past but I’m really glad to now have a model that’s just a bit better as the photos are clearer and just work for me.

So the Polaroid camera is a big part of the scrapbooking. Throughout January I made a mental note to keep capturing little moments to add to the scrapbook. So we have anything from, my boyfriend having a little nap to my first blogging sesh set up of 2020.

I would say that currently my scrapbooking style is fairly simple and I think thats because I want it to age slowly and not look out of place in however many years time.


How do I remember to scrapbook?

Remembering to actually capture little moments can be the whole challenge of scrapbooking. So how do I remember to actually do it? When I plan my week out via my Ella Iconic planner, I just make a note that says “scrapbook’. on the weekly outlook. Then I just look and see what I’m doing to see if there anything that I want to capture that week.

I’ve also just got into the habit of taking my camera out with me on days out. As a just in case policy. There are also times when a photo isn’t really what I’m looking for to add to the scrapbook. So I’ve also been collecting, movie tickers, event tickets and on occasion receipts. Honestly if you just add some washi tape to it and make a little note, it fits perfectly with what I’m trying to create.

Have you been scrapbooking this year? Would you like to start scrapbooking? let me know your thoughts below!

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