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Cambridge Hotspot: Gresham house Wellness

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A Cosy Paradise in the heart of Cambridgeshire

Let me tell you, I have been meaning to write about Gresham House wellness for around a year now. This place is so unexpectedly tranquil & calming – I have completely fallen in love. Whats more, this sweet little place is in the heart of Cambridge city center. So its the perfect hotspot to go and treat yourself to that extra special moment.

Gresham House Wellness

A Little background on my wellness journey

My boyfriend and I decided late 2017, that we needed to do more relaxing things to help us switch off, practice a little self care & just generally slow down. I often share what I’m doing on my instagram story so take a look!

I have always had such a love of going to a spa and having a massage or a facial so it was great to get my boyfriend in to that stuff also. Self care is for everyone and this is a great element of it.

Gresham House Wellness

Let me tell you we have tried at least five of the “top” spas in Cambridge before we discovered Gresham House Wellness. We thought we had found the best Cambridge had to offer – but still were not totally convinced.

Every place just had a little bit missing, preventing it from getting the ‘it’ factor. For example, in some place you could hear people through the walls, therefore not allowing me to completely switch off or the rooms just didn’t have that perfect vibe for calmness. And some places you just didn’t get the value for money – such a big thing with spas!

Gresham House Wellness

Across Parkers Piece…

Gresham House opened late 2017 and after hearing some initial good reviews, I decided we had to go and try it out.

Initially I thought Gresham House Wellness was really just there to serve the hotel guests of the Gonville hotel, (The hotel the spa is attached to) So I was a little suspect to see if the spa would really hit the spot.

Gresham House Wellness

I could not have been more wrong, although some may see the spa on the smaller side – it really is just giving off a boutique vibe. It almost feels as though its a secret when entering as it has its own private gardens and the feeling of exclusivity.

Upon every arrival at the spa I have always been offered fresh cucumber water, always had a gorgeous chat on what I would like to get out of my treatment and always felt as though my presence is valued.

Gresham House Wellness

The actual Spa Experience

I have had a number of treatments from Gresham House Wellness. Full disclosure: I honestly place on working my way through the menu – basically to discover what treatment give me the most relaxation. It’s an important job, right?

For me, I usually go between a facial & a full body massage. Together they’re my favourite combo. Each room at Gresham House Wellness is so well put together – and just so relaxing.

Unlike other local spas, they really think about the finer details. from sweet little boxes in each room for you to pop your clothes in, to a matching calming color scheme to distressing diffusers to help you relax from start to finish. My favourite treatments have to be, ‘the aromatic Hot stones massage’ & the ‘for you’ facial.

Gresham House Wellness

There’s also sweet little touches like the choice of which ESPA scent you prefer for your treatment, the scent bowl at the beginning of the treatment & an in depth chat on the treatments used incase you want to try it out at home for yourself.

You need to go. Like now.

I wont lie to you. Gresham House Wellness is on the more expensive side in comparison to other spas in Cambridge city center. HOWEVER, you are getting exactly what you’re paying for. The extra touches, the high skill set of the staff and the boutique settings.

If you’re local to Cambridge, you’ve just got to go and experience it for yourself.

Also take a look a little look at my monday ritual for keeping things calm.

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