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We have finally moved in to our first home and it feels fabulous. To be finally free of the ‘rent’ life is something I never realised I would love so very much!

We actually got the keys to our house at the very end of June but due to having to give a months notice to our flat, we decided to move in at the end of July. This actually worked out really well, as we were able to have a big clear out as we were moving. Out with the old sofa and a lucky purchase of a fabulous new one (from Next!) of all places. A new bed, new wardrobe & a feeling of a fresh start.

Moving out of our old place, was honestly a relief. Those of you who have seen me moan about our difficult neighbour terrorizing the street on Instastories will know why! But also living with our old flatmate was taking its toll, our things were being mistreated, our security at risk & we were really just being taken advantage of – we realised it is not our job to support someone in their mid twenties so they can continue living a ‘uni’ lifestyle. it was an important yet difficult lesson but dumping the toxic waste was also freeing.

We are by no means complete in our house move. We are of course moved in but over the next year we will slowly be customizing and adding bit to create our home. For example – when you buy a new house, they are SUPER strict on a no painting policing for at least year. The house apparently is ‘wet’ and needs to settle. Slightly odd? But we’re happy to just go with it.

So I cant wait to show little corners of our house as we started to complete them. I can tell you that our kitchen is currently black & white – so we’ve decided to add marble tones to the kitchen to try and kept a neutral theme!

Now our move is complete, I can wait to bring more Cambridge content to your screen. We here for the long run now! If you have any DIY tips, send them my way!

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