The Brunch Files: Flock Cafe at Burwash manor

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Burwash manor is a hidden gem of Cambridgeshire

It’s no secret I adore brunch. In fact I don’t just adore brunch, I love a well done, beautiful setting followed by yummy breakfast food. Burwash Manor, is officially one of my favourite places in Cambridgeshire to go to for a little day out. I really think it helps capture the charm of Cambridge with flock of independent stores, an inclusive family feel and delightful little cafe to top it off.

Brunching in the Sunshine

I really don’t think too many people know about the beautiful brunch options at Burwash Manor. It’s the perfect little place for a dose of good food and countryside views.

The Flock Cafe is a beautiful little cafe converted out of an old barn, so it has such a vintage feel to it. There’s a small inside seating area decorated with beautiful plants all around making it feel super cosy.

For when there’s good weather there’s a luscious outside seating area. And if it does get a little chilly, there’s a cute stack of blankets waiting to warm you up. Which is very handy given the unpredictable British weather we have at times.

So whats on the menu?

What takes your fancy at brunch time? Because you are certainly spoilt for choice at Burwash Manor. Anything from avocado toast to sweet potato waffles is on the menu. Whether you prefer sweet or savory around brunch time, you’re totally covered. I opted for Brioche French toast with maple syrup, which is not my usual brunch jam (I am usually a sucker for anything with avocado on it) but I really wanted to try something different! I also added a couple of poached eggs on top which was just divine.

I was not disappointed, the plates are a generous size and I was honestly struggling to finish my French toast, (don’t worry I did!). But with the good weather and English breakfast tea, I was quite content to just take my time and enjoy the idyllic surroundings. Our brunch was reasonably priced too, mine came to a total of ยฃ13 including our extras.

Wander around

I really recommend having a little wonder after your brunch. The manor gift shop has a whole range of sweet little gifts and the florists just has the most beautiful arrangements. There’s also a little country walk which will take you around the village and back to Burwash Manor. Perfect way to burn off the brunch!

I’ll see you for brunch at Burwash, right?

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