The Power of Plants: 3 Nature Inspired Botanic Products Saving my Skin

March 31, 2019 in Beauty - 1 Comment - 3 min read

The Power of Plants: 3 Nature Inspired Botanic Products Saving my Skin

March 31, 2019 in Beauty - 1 Comment - 3 min read >/div>
Botanic skincare

My Complexion needed help so bad!

My skin and I have being having some harsh moments over the last couple of months. I’ve had a few breakouts and I’ve really being feeling self conscious about it. So started my save me skincare journey. It’s really important to me to get products that work but don’t break my bank account.

I also really wanted to find some products that aren’t overly priced so they’re attainable for anyone, particularly you!

Botanic skincare

About the Brand Botanics

Botanics is a brand inspired by nature and focuses on using the best quality natural ingredients. They work on finding the specific plant extracts to target different areas of the skin in need.

I have focused on the “organic”, skincare range where each product carries Rosehip oil. Rosehip oil is rich in Vitamin A, Omegas’ 3, 6 and essential fatty acids – all vital skin ingredients for a healthy complexion. Known to have a positive effect on the appearance of skin and reduce the signs of aging, as well as helping to nourish and calm skin.

This range spoke to me most because I feel as though my complexion is all over the place and my skin definitely needs to calm down and reduce redness.

Organic Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm

I love a hot cloth cleanser. During my teens, I would literally have one 3 times a week. My 20’s seems to have fallen out of that good habit. This cleanser, actually comes with a cloth (which by the way not all cleansers do!) And has been a welcome step to my nighttime beauty routine.

Winter has left certain areas of my skin really dry (it always seems to come up in patches?!). A hot cloth cleanser’s job is supposed help rehydrate your skin, so I truly feel after using this for three with a combination of good day and night creams has worked.

Botanic skincare

Organic Nourishing Facial Oil

Confession: I have never had a facial oil in my skincare routine before! This has clearly been a mistake. This is used best in the morning and evening, you really only need a couple of drops. The oil really goes a long way in reaching all of your face.

Botanic skincare

I always use this after cleansing to help lock in the moisturiser for longer.

Organic Refreshing Toning Spritz

I have missed using a toning spray over a cream or a cleanser. This lovely fresh spray has become the finale of my morning and evening skincare routine.

Botanic skincare

I particularly love it in the morning because its SUCH a good wake up call, (especially at 5am). I feel revitalised and ready to go.

My new Power Trio

All of these products smell the same, of Rosehip. But, it’s really not an overpowering smell, which I really prefer in skincare because I don’t want things to smell too much or too full on.

After using these products for a while, I definitely want to explore more in the Rosehip range, or even the “brightening,” range with uses the plant extract of Hibiscus.

Have you used any of the Botanics ranges? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

1 Comment

  • Erin April 2, 2019 at 8:22 pm

    I love a cleansing balm so this sounds fab! Something so nice about a balm.

    Erin || MakeErinOver

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