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How to make Cute Heart-Shaped Iced Biscuits for your Sweet Someone

February 17, 2019 in Blog - 1 Comment - 2 min read

Not just for Valentines Day, either.

Let it be know I love baking.I have perfected my cookie recipes to death. Which is why I set myself the challenge to learn new recipes this year. One of these recipes being, you guessed it – Heart shaped Iced biscuits. The perfect chance to add a little cuteness to any occasion.

Now if you peeked at my New Years post, you will also know that I wanted to really get a little more creative with my baking, so creating these little biscuits, no matter how simple the process was, felt like a massive achievement for me.

What’s even better? They taste super sweet and were just lovey to give out to loved ones this past month. For these biscuits I kept the flavour vanilla but I would love to try a cinnamon batch in the run up to Christmas.

The Recipe

FYI On the Icing Sugar

I swear Icing sugar is my nemesis – if theres ever a reason to buy a kitchen aid then I think this might be it. I had a couple of attempted that I was half happy with, but not overall loving. So I did buy some icing sugar just to compare with my homemade one. But worry not, Its now on my list of 2019 things to conquer.

The Method

And, Ready to serve!

Decorating is honestly the best part of this for me. It was so cute to make these sweet little biscuits so colourful and bright. my only regret is I didn’t buy enough colourful variations so trust me, next time these heart biscuits will have a colour explosion.

Honestly, baking these took about 3 hours on an off. Preparing the mix was very quick but honestly, the longest part was just chilling the dough, and you really want to ensure that you leave it long enough so the minute is at its best.

Maybe the next time I make these, it will be a cute easter theme? Let me know if you try these for yourself!

1 Comment

  • Erin February 20, 2019 at 11:59 am

    YUM! They look so cute too! My son would love making these ๐Ÿ™‚

    Erin || MakeErinOver

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