My Blogging Break: How to recharge your Blogger Brain

November 20, 2018 in Blog - 1 Comment - 4 min read

Well, its been a hot minute since we spoke.

What happened with my blogging? Everything and nothing, really.

If you’re a blogger, I’m sure you’ll have been there. There’s a false pretence that we, as bloggers have to be “on” all the time. In late July, I was starting to find this a little difficult. Ok, full disclosure:  I was finding it really difficult.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I LOVE blogging and I LOVE creating on social media. However, it can get really overwhelming. While blogging is a incredible hobby and an amazing platform for all kinds of people to tell their stories and share their content, it is also a hobby that asks a lot of you.

Managing a blog, a full time job and trying to maintain a social life can be a very difficult battle to juggle. Most of the time, myself and bloggers alike manage to juggle that very well. BUT there is that small off occurence, when you just go – “I can’t be bothered today” or “I think I’ll take a little break this week”.

Then, that week turns into weeks. Before you know, its NOVEMBER and you’re wondering how to throw your hat back into the ring.

I will say though, having a break from creating content constantly, allowed some time for reflection. I was able to sit back at look and my current blogging situation. Figure out what it is that I like and want to talk about instead of covering what I think I SHOULD be talking about.

The Truth

You see, blogging is great but only if you stay true to documenting about the content you love and have a passion for it.

So as you can see, “the B is back”. And I’m ready, to talk about things that I LOVE. I really hope you’ll enjoy whats coming up on my blog, if you do – I would love to hear what you think.

So do you want to know everything I did instead of blogging? Read on. . .

Increase my beauty “self care” time

My skin felt the repercussions of the Summer weather tremendously and to be completely honest I just really lacked on my routine in the hot weather. Thats, the problem, it was just tooo hot and when it gets too hot I get lazy. Big problem.

So in order to combat this, I’ve been trying to learn about my skin and have been creating and crafting the perfect skincare routine. Day and night. I don’t think I’ve found all of the perfect products just yet but i have definitely found a few winners. I’ll be sharing these in the coming weeks.

Get a regular gym routine

Gym. When you first hear the word, its not that positive. However once I get over the fact that I’m going to the gym, its all good. Going to the gym regularly (three times a week) is a perfect balance for me. Also it allows me to spend time with me. I also always ensure I’m listening to a blogger style podcast when working out. This way, I’m working out my body and brain together. Its very therapeutic.


Change my mindset

This concept is still fairly new to me. I also think I’ll be learning on how to perfect a healthy mindset for a while. However i’ve start to be really mindful of how I think of myself, essentially being kinder to myself. I’m also turning situations where I would previously think “I have to” into “I get to”. 


It may sound silly, but this active approach has made me feel lighter and happier. I’ve also been looking into the law of attraction – you attract what you think. So be mindful.

Get organised creatively

Planning my day, week or month creatively has completely changed my focus and enabled me to stick to my weekly plans. Currently I’m using “The Happy Planner”. I am also able to fill each week with positive affirmations, making any day that little bit more colourful. I dedicate an hour each Sunday to plan, it just helps me create a positive, powerful mindset.

the happy planner

My second planner, is more of a goal focused planner called cultivate what matters. This doesn’t really kick into full swing until 2019. However theres a whole pre 2019 section where you write down your goals for the year and what you want to focus on. It so therapeutic!

I’m going to be sharing these on my instagram stories, if they inspire one person and or start a creative conversation about mindset and goals within blogging, I’m all for it.

So how have I got my blogging mojo back?

I think its just down to myself doing things I love. Honestly if you’re finding blogging too full on or difficult. Then take a step back. Taking a break isn’t admitting to failure, its just a little pause.

Its time to recharge and really think about where you want your blogging journey to take you.

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  • Nicole February 5, 2019 at 10:10 pm

    I’ve had this recently. Sometimes it feels like every blogger out there is ‘killing it’ so it’s nice to read posts like this. I’ll defintley take some of this onboard to recharge my batteries x

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