Want to be a Social Media Manager? Here’s five skills to build!

Want to be a Social Media Manager? Here’s five skills to build!

After working in marketing for three years and specialising in social media. I’ve definitely picked up on a few tips and tricks that you HAVE to have on your brain. I love working in social media, there no doubt about it. It super fun, creative and for me, it’s a fresh new career.

HOWEVER I have to stress, it’s not all fun and games and it’s certainly not just hanging around on social. In fact I actually spend a lot of tie off social to do my job effectively.

So if you’re thinking about becoming a social media manager or want to build your social skills. There are five essential skills you have to know.

Here’s the deal:


Naturally Creative

Being naturally creative is important. You have to have a keen eye for design of all shapes and sizes. However, creativity doesn’t just stop at graphic design. You have to really judge and adjust photography, video and even plain simple text layout.

Think about what will work for your audience? What kind of tone are you trying to convey?

If you’re a none designer (don’t fret) Canva is a great drag and drop tool for easy graphics. Moreover, they have some great, easy to digest design classes so you can build your skills.


A must. This was once my biggest fear during my first job in marketing. Copywriting the KEY skill for any marketing activity. Good copywriting can give you a captivated audience.

My advice? Don’t overthink it. Don’t cause up a sweat over it.

For copywriting in social media, you should really focus on creating a conversation that would be easy for an audience member to join in with.

When I feel like my social media copywriting is off its game, I like to do a few little exercises, which you can also try here

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Being adaptable is a skill that I cannot stress enough. Why? Social media is a climate that is constantly changing. For five mins people might be chatting about some big shock on love island. In the next five, people might be celebrating its national gin day.

Therefore, you have to be able to change up your timeline with what is being discussed there and then. Why should you do it?

  •        Its shows your brand is in touch with current events
  •        The payoff of being topical can be rewarding.
  •        It Highers your chance of getting noticed.


Community management

Being able to engage with your community it’s a core element of social media. I mean the clue is ni the name. Social.

Effective community management includes, collecting content from your audience and connecting with them to make them feel as unique and appreciated as possible.

Social media is now one of the more popular options for contacting companies. So do your part. Build on those people skills.

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Being Strategic

You sometimes feel that your just posting content out there, hoping the universe will embrace it.

It’s imperative to be strategic about your content, so it’s posted at the most optimal time. Make sure to check in on what everyone else is saying, so hopefully you’ll fit in well with your targeted theme and message.

Always make sure you have some goals set, before you dive into social media. It important to have something to work towards. Something to achieve!


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