An Enchanting escape with Bannatyne Spa

Life can be hard stressful and heavy. So I often have the desire to escape and do something thats a little indulging. So why not escape to Bannatyne spa?

Bannatyne Spa

Spa day to take the pain away

Working in an office, i’m often hunched over my desk. Omg yes, I know its bad and I have requested with our HR department to get a back rest asap. So back and shoulders are often tenses as hell. So the burning desire to unwind, is very much there.

Earlier that week, my poor boyfriend came home from an early morning gym sesh aching and moaning. I literally sat there for five minutes like, he’s in pain, i’m pain. We can fix this easily.

I booked two, one hour massage treatments as a special weekend treat. We both work really hard at our jobs so having something like that to look forward to is such a blessing.

Bannatyne Spa

Delicious Decor

My goodness, we didn’t realise how much of a fabulous treat we were in for! The decor of the bury St Edmunds Bannatyne spa is simply gorgeous. It has the perfect atmosphere to get you in the chilled and relaxed mood for your treatment.

Our treatments were actually together in the same room! We’ve been on spa days before and have always been separated due to different treatments. I’m in love with the fact that they put us together because it made the afternoon so much more special.

i’ve have never felt more relaxed or pampered on a Saturday afternoon. my masseuse worked on my back for a good long while because she said it was TENSE as hell. However the clever gal, managed to difuse the knots and allow my back to have some much needed relief.

Bannatyne Spa

Treat Yourself

So after our little indulging Saturday. I highly recommend that you do something for yourself thats mindful and indulging. We can all feel pressure sometimes so its important to take some time for us to relax and recharge.

Bannatyne Spa

What do you like to do when your in need of relaxing fix?


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