five things I've learnt blogging

Heres five things I’ve learnt since I started blogging

June 6, 2018 in Blog, Lifestyle - 1 Comment - 3 min read

I’ve had a form of blogging in my life, since 2012. Although I didn’t probably commit to making this a hobby of mine until late 2016. Since then i’ve learnt a lot about taming my hobby and more importantly what I feel is becoming my craft.

Writing has always been so fun to me. However having a space, where its sole mine to create has definitely pushed me further. SO here’s five things I’ve learnt since I started taking my little blog seriously.

I don’t have to do it all

Firstly, i’ve learned that I don’t have to do it all, all the time. if you’re like me, you’ll realise thats theres a lot of little aspects that make up a blogger.

  • writing the content
  • promoting the content
  • engaging and interact with others to get exposure
  • planning your next pieces of content
  • editing photos etc
  • and so much more

Earlier this year, I used to feel to much pressure, so that if I didn’t so all I would somehow fall behind. I’ve learned this is clearly not the case. While the marketing side of me understands the need to be constitant. The relaxed side of me has learnt that if I want to keep this passion fun and exciting. I need to keep it chilled.

five things I've learnt blogging

I am more creative than I originally thought

I really used to shy away from using creative software and writing creatively. Over the last few months, I’ve really allowed myself to go through a creative process and create freely. I’ve also learnt to not be so hard on myself or judge myself when coming up with new ideas.

You have to remember your first creative idea of the day might not be your best. However it might just be the foundation for some incredible initiative later on in the day.

five things I've learnt blogging

I love writing about marketing WAY more than I thought

I found this little discovery of myself incredibly funny. Working in marketing all day, I really thought I would want to escape from the topic completely.

However i’ve learned that I can use this space as a place to write about my take on marketing and discuss strategies and techniques that I’ve found fairly effective.

It’s actually become incredibly cathartic for me! i’ve now actually dedicated a spot for all my marketing posts on the blog. You can find them in The Marketing Hub.

five things I've learnt blogging

The community it SUPER lively

With blogging, you are totally not alone. I’ve interacted with some incredible people over the past few months (and some not so nice gals) BUT it’s incredibly cool to see so many supportive people all sharing their passion.

Never in my life have I met so many friendly people who are also my potential competition. Sitting at your computer, blogging can feel a little lonely at times. So I love dipping into the community chat on twitter and seeing whats happening.

I would recommend a twitter chat if you want to start chatting and engaging with like minded bloggers.

Writing has become a therapy

Like so many boys and gals, I have a lot of internal thoughts about my wellbeing, life and certain friendships. Instead of internalising it, I can write it all down.

Some things I can and have published in the hope that it might help or resinate with even one person. Some things I may never publish but being able to write it all down feels extremely healthy.

I’ve not had the most supportive environment around me recently and writing has become a huge comfort and therapy.

I feel like I’ve learnt a lot blogging and I really think it shows. Blogging is a continuous growth strategy for me and exciting hobby. Do you blog? How has it helped you?


1 Comment

  • Erin June 8, 2018 at 6:06 pm

    I’ve always considered myself as really not creative, turns out I am lol, so I completely relate on that aspect!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

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