Okay so… What exactly is social media?

Okay so… What exactly is social media?

We talk about it all the time. I constantly refer to it on this very blog. You know what? Something occurred to last night. While we use the term social media almost everyday into todays society. There might still be some of you thinking, okay but what does that actually mean?

Well have no fear. I’m here to go over the basic definition of social media and just clue you up a little and shake that hazy feeling.


So lets start with a crystal clear definition on Social Media

Let’s break it down and separate the two words for a minute.

Social = interacting with others and having an exchange of some sorts with those around you.

Media = Different forms of communication. From print media to digital media.

So I think we can get a general idea that social media is about interacting with others. Just through a digital platform. We have to be face to face to have a meaningful and interest exchange.

Here’s a clear definition, to wrap it up perfectly:

Social media

So you might be thinking, that definition is still rather broad. It meant to be. In todays day and age social media has become a huge topic and we can no longer pin point it. Each social media platform has a different purpose. There the term social media has become incredibly broad.

So, now we’ve got the term nailed down…

There are a few things that social media sites will have in common. These all help put the definition into play. So lets have a look at what you can find on almost every social site.

Profile Pages

This is a space where an individual can represent themselves on social media. A profile page will usually contain a photo so we can have an idea of the individual online. To be on a social media account, you usually will have to have a profile page. This is the online identity that you use to interact with!


Possibly one of my favourite traits of social media. You can use hashtags to find certain content and drown out the excess. So if I use the #brunch, I’m expecting to get a yummy feed!

Like buttons and Comment sections

So this is a huge part of being social. Liking and commenting are great ways to interact with the audience and have a social conversation. it the online way of expressing if you like something not.


And that closes my little social media 101 guide. I know a lot of people get slight blurred when it comes to social media and actually defining it. That’s why I think its import to have a no nonsense guide, that gets you the information you need. Of course if you want more social media go to’s and how to’s you can head to this section of my blog.




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  1. Erin
    June 2, 2018 / 8:57 am

    I love a bit of social media. even if it can be SO frustrating at times (like instagram!)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

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