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Weekend Vibes: Brunching with Bill

April 27, 2018 in Blog - 1 Comment - 3 min read

Now I love a good brunch. Especially on a Sunday. In fact I like to make Sunday as whole thing of luxurious and happy activities. Usually Henry and I will start our day, super early. We have no time for Sunday lie ins and its all about making the most out of the day, before we’re back to the weekly routine.

tea and coffee at Bills Cambridge

Sundays are honestly the perfect days to indulge, we often spend our day, giving the fact a quick clean, I often plan out my blog for the week because its such a lovely relaxing thing to do. (I have definitely caught the blogging bug right now) As the weather has been getting warmer, I’ve been able to sit outside and have english breakfast tea after tea, planning and writing content. It’s just delightful.

Table at Bills

We’re also super into making our perfectly cute Sunday brunches just to really set the mood. See below, for one of our latest, cutest instalments. However a couple of Sundays ago, we decided to head out for brunch and let someone else do the work on a sunny Sunday. We decided to go brunching with Bill. Bills Restaurant of course!

I’ve always loved Bill’s restaurant, especially the Cambridge branch. It’s just super cute and made to look like a perfect homemade style setting. The brunch/breakfast menu is also simply to die for. It’s not over complicated and has only the best brunch favourites that you could possibly want. For me a good brunch must include an egg of some kind. Thats why I ended up with the smashed avocado on toast with poached eggs. Avocado and egg’s are one of my favourite breakfast combinations, its so fulfilling and the flavours together work perfectly.

Bills Cambridge

The staff at Bills restaurant in Cambridge, were also super lovely. As you can imagine, Sunday brunch time is not a quiet period for them, or any restaurant in Cambridge it seems. I’m also sure that serving people on a Sunday is not at the top of their to do list. Despite this, thy happily came and checked on us, delivered our food in a timely fashion. Whats really interesting, is that their kitchen is upstairs. So they’re always running up and down to get food and to be honest, I really think thats an insane amount dedication and A LOT of working out to do on the Sunday.

Sunday Brunch

After our little brunch at Bill’s restaurant, Henry and I just decided to sit there sipping tea and enjoy the Sunday, boyfriend, girlfriend quality time. Again, I just love that despite is being a busy Sunday we weren’t rushed out and allowed to enjoy a little quality time with each other. I would definitely pop back have brunch with Bills restaurant (In fact, I already have) When me and Henry aren’t cooking up our homemade brunches. So if you happen to have a Bill’s near you, I would really recommend you check out. Even though its a chain, its chain with a lot of character and charm.


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  • Erin April 29, 2018 at 10:04 am

    YUM!! It looks so so so good! I love little spots like this, they are adorable! 🙂 The food looks incredible too!
    Erin || MakeErinOver

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