Three things to love about Spring! is it your favourite season?

April 16, 2018 in Lifestyle - 1 Comment - 3 min read

Ah, Spring.

Spring is just the definition of fresh right? Although I am totally a winter girl, there is definitely a soft space in my heart for springtime. It’s a lovely season and an even lovelier time of year. I’ve always found the season of spring incredibly refreshing and probably the nicest time to spend outside, having fun. It just has that not too hot but not too cold vibe right?

Spring allows for lighter days

Again, I have to stress, I adore winter. Its the perfect season for me, cosy nights, blankets, fireworks nights and all that great stuff. However theres one issue I have with my favourite season. Its the dark nights. in fact, its not even nights. it super depressing, when you’re at work and you see the sun going down. Even worse, its still a couple of hours till we can go home. In winter time, I turn up to work in the dark and leave in the dark. I literally do not see my home in the light on the weekdays.

Spring is the signal of change for that. Spring allows lighter evenings which actually allows me to enjoy my work and persona life more. Traveling home in the light literally make SO much difference to how I feel for the remainder of that evening.

Also another huge plus, Spring allows myself to get up earlier in the weekends. I love to make THE MOST of my weekends as that is honestly my meantime to blog and explore. I’m so much more motivated when my alarm goes off audit light.


Its getting warmer

Spring is honestly the perfect tempurature me. Summer, can often just be too hot and uncomfortable. But springtime is the perfect season for getting out and exploring. Be it your city or the countryside, the weather is perfect for cold drinks and pretty dresses (I’m currently obsessing over all the new styles on boohoo)

The colder seasons, really can limit our options sometimes, you’re not particularly in a rush t get somewhere if you’re going to be spending that time freezing your tush off. It’s all about being inside. Which is totally fine, but realistically it can get a little claustrophobic if you’re like me and enjoy being outside and getting around and exploring.

I literally live for the day where I no longer have to take my “big coat” to work.

More can be done

Springtime, allows for the days to get longer and the nights to get shorter. If you’re a blogger like me, I’m sure you love this fact and relish at the opportunity for a longer day. Spring allows nicer weather which allows nicer blogs. Even more importantly, nice lighting for those photos and more time shoot in natural light (Of course, if you’ve managed to get yourself a fancy light then you don’t have this problem. However DIY bloggers like are a slave for the natural light)

But, it’s not just about blogging. Longer days represent a longer time period for myself to be active and more importantly motivated. Once you’re in the depth of winter, you can convert to feeling slightly sluggish and unproductive. I can tell you the amount of times I came home, crashed on the sofa and just zoned out.

I work with the mindset that  my weekend becomes longer and therefore my time becomes more luxurious. I can do more and really make each Weekend & even weekday evening valuable. I can blog, go out, spend time with my boyfriend and do whatever I please to create the perfect time. Still struggling with your weekend? Read about my top tips to make your weekend go further here! 


Its just a better vibe right? I really hope you are all making the most of Spring. Is it your favourite season? What doors does spring open for you?




1 Comment

  • Erin April 18, 2018 at 8:29 pm

    I am just loving all the extra light and extra time we are getting! It has made me so much happier!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

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