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If you read my blog regularly, you’ll know by now that social media is one of my favourite topics to chat about. One of my main focuses for this year is to see how I can keep my reach growing for my blog and social channels with meaningful interactions on social media.

I have stressed time and time again that social media is not an isolated process, although many people seem to treat it that way. I find it completely counter productive when one put out content to the social world without inviting their audience or encouraging a call to action. Even worse when that same person doesn’t spend time on social getting to know their audience or even spending time interacting with other peoples content. You have to remember, you’re not the only one who works hard with content, we all do and it’s important to spread the love and respect that across the blogosphere. Be you and business or be you a blogger.

So by now, we all know how to navigate our way through social media and hopefully grow something from nothing. BUT, do we know how maintain something and nurture it for continuous growth with our audience and with content? Well, have a read of my three tips below and see if this is your cup of tea!


Tell a Story

I know i’ve shared this tip time and time again across all my platforms that i’m active on. The importance of telling a story through your social media can make a massive difference to reach and engagement. It’s no good just merely speaking at your audience, as though you’re using a fog horn, thats not the right to engage or even encourage a response.

When you’re creating a campaign or even a single post, the story behind the content is just a important. Always think about how you want to represent yourself as a brand and that should lead you to telling a more in-depth message.

Once upon a time, it was harder to convey this on twitter but now, thanks to the 280 update its easier to do this. So spend time , learning how to create content to suit that new character limit and make sure its inclusive and inviting to the audience you’re trying to reach.


Strategically engage and comment

Now this may seem logical but probably one of the most neglected strategies within social media. We all spend a lot of time planning out our own content, scheduling and monitoring the results. But ask yourself how often do you really spend interacting with other account online? Its important to remember that you can engage with just any old account online and expect to get results.

NO! Just no! it’s important to remember to interact with brand and accounts that are similar to yours and that you feel have the same target audience as yours. I always aim to leave at least 1 genuine comment for 10 accounts each week. I also always aim to leave this one their most recent photo. Why you ask? Well, partly because I make sure to follow account that I’m genuinely interested and want to comment on, so its not forced, BUT also because commenting will give your some exposure to a new audience that is already interacting with content that is similar to mine already.



Just keep going. Whatever schedule you have, just make sure you stick to it. Audiences like to have a pattern of content to keep coming back to, content that is sporadically and spontaneous is difficult for your core audience to follow. Unless of course your promote the hell out of it, each to their own but personally I feel thats overtime work that can be well avoided if you plan ahead of time. Something I’ve been fairly successful at doing at the beginning of 2018, (thanks to Janet Murrays Media Planner) 

Spend time creating a schedule, creating content thats all related and content that you can link across the board, it will tremendously help you in the long run and stop you from having massive breaks and can seriously setback your progress with engagement and reach. Lastly set goals, keep yourself working towards a target to surpass! I’ve started this process in January and suddenly I’ve pass four before we were even half way through the month – insane!


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  • Erin January 18, 2018 at 12:23 am

    Such fantastic ideas lovely! I am all about engaging and sharing the love 🙂

    Erin || MakeErinOver

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