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So, Instagram is basically having a nightmare and ignoring what everyone is crying out for, CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER. One day I think they’ll eventually get the hint, but that day is not today. So in the meantime, there are a few steps I take to keep my Instagram engagement as high as it can be. I know I can

I know I can probably do better and there are so many others who are finding ways to beat to the silly algorithm, but for now here’s what I do.

Picked up this magazine last week and just can’t stop looking through it, it’s so, so good and offers a lot of clarity and feel good content. And its only on issue three, so I can wait to see more stuff they bring out!

Keep the tone of voice authentic

I’m really aware that I can naturally write posts and content for twitter, so I ensure that I follow suit when it comes to communicating via Instagram. One of the keys to social media is to communicate like an authentic human, not a faceless corporation, and this definitely applies to crafting Instagram captions.

Obviously visual content is the most important aspect via Instagram and you have to make every post count, never post something just to fill a gap or because you feel you haven’t been sticking to a certain schedule. The photo and the text have to work together and produce consistency. Allow your captions to be inviting and interesting, let them tell the story and fill the purpose of your photo.

You should even consider a CTA (call to action) in your Instagram content – Direct your audience somewhere, whether it’s to another Instagram account or a blog post etc.

Little phrases like these are helping me get past the middle of the week. How is everyone’s week going?!

Use those Hashtags (never feel self-conscious about it)

Honestly, it is extremely difficult to generate audience engagement with no hashtags and for the average account, it is a waste not to utilize those Hashtags. Consider them a tool and a form of SEO, consider it social media savvy.

Personally, I find engagement better if I use between 10-20 hashtags, as I’m sure after a certain amount it can begin to look spammy. but don’t be afraid to use hashtags to compliment your theme and outreach to a certain audience, for example, I always hashtag the location as well as actually tagging the location, just to reinforce my intention for it to reach the surrounding audience.

lovee this rose gold baskets on my workspace, I’ve made it so pretty and perfect, so I love spending time working at my desk now! 👌 😊


Really? Is Mollie listing emojis as a strategy for Instagram content? Hear me out.

Almost 50% of captions and comments on Instagram contain at least one emoji. While there’s a range of emojis at your disposal, the most popular one is the heart, facial expressions emojis definitely help to convey the feelings behind your words. Whether you’re hitting out a sad post or conveying excitement, emojis offer a warmer sense and actually humanize you and your content.

Try it for yourself and correlate your emojis with your content. For example, if you receive some flowers, express your happiness with a happy emojis and the use of flowers emojis. (try it and tweet me at @mollieblog)

Henry got me these super cute makeup brushes, and I am in love! Mermaid & rose gold makes the perfect combination, they’re so soft too. Obsessing. ⠀😍😍😍


Mention other users

ALWAYS interact with the Instagram community, whether that in your post of the reactions to it. Instagram is a social network. Brands that relentlessly self-promote with little regards to community never do well. By mentioning other users in your Instagram captions, you’ll encourage them (and hopefully their followers) to comment on the post.

It’s a great way to build a relationship with other.

(I also recommend spending 10-15 minutes a day, seeking out other users similar to your content and leaving a comment, PLEASE make those comments genuine and interesting, others do not bother!)


I hope these little strategies are of some interest to you! You can see more of what I do on my Instagram page here! 






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