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This last month has been incredibly difficult for me, the death of a loved one completely changed my perspective and outlook. The process of grieving has been hard and not something I have ever had to process since becoming an adult. It’s difficult and there’s no set pattern to go through to get to the other end.

So I’m sharing a few self-care hacks that I’ve been trying to make myself feel slightly better and allow myself to have the time to self-indulge. Which I think is important to do when going through an emotional time.



Turn off all tech knowledge and just go for a walk. Walking around a park or nature reserve really allows you to appreciate the nature around yourself. Just being yourself around nature allows you to really think, without any distractions and refocus what is important in your life.


choose to practice self-compassion no matter what the situation Be kind to yourself all day. Appreciate yourself and how far you’ve come and how well you’re doing.


I’ve been practising this a lot. Every time I think of something to be thankful of, I’ll spend a while really appreciating what or who I’m thankful for.


I’ve spent the last couple days organized my workspace and decluttering and with that I’ve instantly become less stressed and I feel happier because I’ve worked on something for me.


So with my situation – I have spent time locked away writing a letter for my relative that has passed and focusing on all the good memories that we shared. This letter has now been buried with them. For me, it brought a sense of clarity as I was able to personally say goodbye and release all my feeling by writing.


Reach out and talk to those you love. Talking is incredibly cathartic. So find someone you trust and care about and unload. Whether they have a difference of opinion or agree with you, it doesn’t matter. All yourself to connect and unload. Talking with my mum and my friends has been incredibly stress relieving and actually very beautiful as everyone has shared something relatable.


By relax and restore, I mean pamper yourself with sleep and a relaxing bath. I think those two things work a treat. Sleeping allows you and your body to repair and boosts your immunity. Don knock it and make sure to get enough sleep! With bathing, I always like to use lavender scents as I swear it calms me everywhere!

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  • Lorna Holowaychuk September 3, 2017 at 3:02 am

    Thank you for all of these great ideas !!!

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    • 💫 Well, it’s my second day of working from home for the foreseeable future. I’ve worked from home quite a bit anyway with my job but doing it long term is going to be quite a shift. 🎉However, it is something we can & must do if able. So how am I setting myself up? 🥰I’m trying to keep as much of a schedule going as possible when it comes to work. I’m also working on creating a barrier between my home environment & work environment, it’s important to not let it all merge into one. 🙏🏻 I’ll be sharing everything through my stories and blog soon. Remember, we are all in this together! My DM’s are always open if anyone needs a chat. 👌🏼💖
    • ✨ A little throwback snap from one of my new favourite hotspots in Cambridge, wishing this had been my breakfast this morning. 🍳 I obviously won’t be cooking anything as fabulous while I’m working from home, but one can dream right?! 💖💫
    • 💫 LIVING LIFE IN THE SLOW LANE. ✨ We’ve not really ventured out the house much this weekend except for the one Tesco shop. (Not a fun experience) Although the UK isn’t on a lockdown yet, we are prepping for it and limiting where we go. Ive really been enjoying the #staythefuckhome & defo recommend you give it a scroll. Stay safe, stay well & stay home (if you can) 🥰♥️
    • ✨ With all the noise from the news & a heavy work load, I’ve been finding it difficult to get a proper good sleep 💤 this week. I’m sure some of you are just the same. It’s a crazy, unknown time and difficult to just switch off from that anxious feeling. Luckily I’ve found a little  bedtime spray, a good book 📚 and night time moisturiser can help calm me down a little. While it obviously doesn’t magically solve everything, it does help me. 💫 So, I encourage you all to do the little things that make you feel just that little bit better during this time.♥️
    • Happy Sunday! 💫 oh my goodness, it’s been a hella of a busy time of late. Over the last few weeks, works been full on & I somehow managed to squeeze in a driving test along the way (which I passed 🎉) AND as a result, I’ve had a very exciting weekend shopping for my first car, feeling very happy & lucky. 😌Today I think I’m just gonna nest at home and enjoy the art of doing nothing ✨
    • 💫 Going into today with this as my mantra.👌🏼 Its no secret that I’m currently finding myself swamped at work! 😩So wishing you a peaceful & smooth working week ✨💖

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