5 Basic but useful social media tips

July 16, 2017 in Lifestyle - No Comments - 3 min read

Working in social media over the last year has taught me a lot about the online community and what basic handy hints work! So I would really like to share five with you!


Stay Organized

In today’s world it is so easy to organize your social media and there should be no reason that it shouldn’t be kept together on one platform, and scheduled well in advance. If you’re a blogger or a business this tip totally applies to you!

Using scheduling sites like Hootsuite or Sproutsocial are a godsend when you want to organise your weekly social media. It enables you to plan everything in one day. I personally prefer Hootsuite because it’s so well organised and it really holds your hands in laying everything out for you to do! You can look at results of past content and see what is and isn’t working. You can also see a great visual schedule across all of your platforms!




Be consistent

I’m still working this one out for myself. You need to keep your usernames roughly the same on all social media channels. One name is easy for someone to remember and type in to find you. It’s a way of branding your name and keeping a loyal following, the easier you are to find, the more people are going visit your site and keep visiting.

You also need to be consistent with when you post and how much you post. Now, don’t spam! But don’t only get involved one a day a week either, this needs to be a regular thing, showing interest in the community!


Join blogger groups on Facebook.

There are some very active groups on Facebook that are terrific resources for any blogging issues you encounter. Look for groups like “Travel Bloggers” or “Global Bloggers Network.”

There are some great community groups around too, for example I’m form the Cambridgeshire area and we have a group just dedicated to bloggers in that area. It’s nice because we can get to know bloggers on our doorstep! It makes it easier for collaboration in future!

Not only are blogger groups good for problem-solving, but it’s well-known that bloggers like to read other blogs. Do some searching and find a bloggers group that’s suited to you, or start your own!


 Be generous with other bloggers.

Promote other bloggers’ content, and hopefully they’ll return the favour. You can’t simply blast your own content anyway — you need some variety in every social media stream. On twitter I keep a list of bloggers that I really like so I have my own little index to read and it’s easier to find

I really appreciate other bloggers content and treat it as though its my own personal magazine, its great reading different perspectives on the same topic or reading one take on a completely different topic!

I like to dedicate a little time each week to look for a couple of new people to keep up with too! New bloggers pop up all the time so it’s worth expanding your little library!

So why not check out what your fellow bloggers are posting and give them a retweet, a share or a repin whenever you can. And don’t forget to reciprocate and share content from bloggers who share yours. It’s all about building great relationships within the community! Spreading support everywhere!

Use images

Images are the most popular form of social media across every industry! Everyone loves to engage with an image because it’s visually pleasing. As social media is such a fast thing most people prefer to look at a great image rather than a long tweet or Facebook post!





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