11 Things you can do in lockdown

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Isn’t it funny how we wish we could spend more time at home on the regular? Now we have the opportunity, we all think that we can’t find something to do at home. Let me reassure you that being on lockdown doesn’t mean that you just shutdown and do nothing because there’s nothing.

There’s lots of thing you can do at home to have fun or even to pass the time. It’s time we nest and make the most of our at home space.

1. Time in the garden

If you have an outside space, use it! From a balcony to a garden, it can really make all the difference to spend a few hours outside over in. From reading to creating a cute outside picnic, It a wonderful way to take advantage of the warm weather while staying safe

2. Read (its good for your soul)

I firmly believe reading is such a good and crucial exercise for the brain. Whether you’re a fast or slow reader, there is nothing like a good couple of hours with a fabulous book. Maybe use this time to explore what genres you’ve interested in or even revisit an old favourite of yours. Take a look at what I’ve read this year if you need any inspiration.

3. make those blog updates to your website

If you’re a blogger, then you will be well aware that there are certain admin tasks that are very easy to avoid and not the most fun to do. However, now is the perfect time

4. Get your home workout on

No gym? No problem. YouTube is your new gym. I have found a comfort in practicing yoga everyday, partly because I’ve had a huge back problem forever and have never really taken enough steps to action it. However, sticking to a yoga routine, I have felt as though the continued practice has helped soothe it a little bit. Yoga is also the one form of exercise that helps me relax.

5. baking

Baking is something I found super fun, whether it goes horribly wrong or fabulously well, its just fun. There is also a certain amount of satisfaction of baking something and it tasting above average. Whether you’re baking alone or with family, I highly recommend it. You could even go that one step further by dropping off little baking care packages to neighbors. Only if you’ve still got your own little goodie supply though!

6. Have a Movie/TV series binge

I’m gonna say it louder for the people in the back. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO MAKE EVERYDAY PRODUCTIVE. If you want to spend a day or two just chilling in your home having a TV binge, then go for it. Full disclosure: I have binged all 8 seasons of Shahs of sunset in the past two weeks and I have no regrets. It also wont be the last tv show I binge during this period. if you like it, do it.

7. water your plants

This one, I hope is self explanatory, in fact I’ve just popped it in as a little reminder for you all. Water your plant babies during this time, they will help fill your home with happiness. if you can’t keep plant babies alive, then just by some fake ones – it can be our secret.

8. have an all out home beauty sesh

Have you ever just wished, you had more time to spend on yourself when it comes to your beauty regime? I’m currently making Sunday mornings my extra fabulous skincare regime. From hair masks to and all over body scrub. It feels so lush to spend that amount of time on yourself primping and pruning. It’s an act of self care, so I thoroughly recommend it.

9. do a deep clean of your home

While it might not be the most exciting ‘at home’ thing to do. The results can make you feel so much better with the environment in your home. Being at home more than ever, means the house is getting used more and more. So to tackle that, I do a deep clean every week and I have a daily ‘shimmy & shine’ routine where I just go through and spruce up the house. i 100% thrive so much better in a clean, tidy household.

10. check in with your people

I really hope you’re rolling your eyes on this one, thinking “well isn’t this obvious Mollie?”. BUT this is an easy thing to just slip on and forget to do. So call those you love, have fun doing silly ZOOM quizzes, have a deep chat or even a virtual family dinner. I recently had a face time brunch with my mum and loved it.

11. write

If you are feeling the need to get things down and on paper/screen. Then write it, whether its stays private to you or you do happen to hit publish, its cathartic for the soul. We were made to talk about things and express how we feel, there’s not good keeping that bottled up.

So there’s 11 possible things you could do during this lockdown. Thats plenty to be keeping you busy with. So enjoy your time at home and more importantly stay safe!

Do you have anything to add to the list?

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